Military Tata Sumo 4×4: Detailed Review!

The Tata Sumo was one of the first proper MUVs to be launched in India and was also quite successful. It was initially introduced in 1990, with the intention of creating an affordable and rugged vehicle capable of performing various tasks without any issues. However, due to government safety norms and the BSVI emission regulations, Tata Sumo has been discontinued from the market. Despite its discontinuation, the Sumo has become an iconic vehicle in India and will be remembered for a long time. To evoke nostalgia, Central India Media has produced a video that provides a review of the old generation Tata Sumo. It’s worth noting that the Sumo featured in the video is not just another model, but a 4×4 version used by the Army.

The armed forces opted for the 4×4 variant of the Sumo as they required a rugged and resilient vehicle capable of conquering any type of terrain. Tata fulfilled this requirement by introducing the 4×4 variant of the Sumo, which was exclusively reserved for military use and not available for civilian purchase. The Sumo showcased in the video, however, was indeed available for sale. Its current availability remains uncertain, so to obtain accurate information, please refer to the contact details provided in the video description. As mentioned earlier, the showcased vehicle is the off-road 4×4 Sumo. Now, let’s delve into a more detailed exploration of this particular Sumo.

In addition to the existing modifications, the showcased Sumo boasts several aesthetic enhancements. The front end showcases a classic metal bull bar, contributing to its rugged appearance. Furthermore, all four fenders have been widened and adorned with black plastic cladding, further accentuating the Sumo’s muscular stance. To enhance its off-road capabilities and overall toughness, the vehicle has been equipped with large off-road specification tires. This particular Sumo is impeccably maintained, as it has undergone a comprehensive restoration process. Additionally, the B and C-pillars have been blacked out, imparting a sporty vibe to the vehicle.

Military Tata Sumo 4×4: Detailed Review!
Tata Sumo 4×4

Just to clarify, the Sumo showcased in the video is a 1997 model, as stated. It has been painted in an eye-catching desert brown color, adding to its appealing aesthetics. At the rear, the car is equipped with a metal step ladder and a customized bumper. As for the interior, they appear to be in decent condition, if not excellent. The odometer reading in the video displays 75,843 km. Being a 4×4 model, this Sumo is equipped with a suitable gear ratio transfer case.

Regarding the engine and power output, the Tata Sumo 4×4 is equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, naturally aspirated diesel engine originally sourced from Peugeot XD88. This engine generates a maximum power of 63 horsepower and is coupled with a 5-speed manual gearbox. As a concluding trivia, it’s worth mentioning that the Tata Sumo was actually named after one of the esteemed personalities within the Tata group, Sumant (Su) Moolgaokar (Mo). Throughout its production period, the Tata Sumo served in various roles, including government department vehicles, military applications, ambulances, and as a regular civilian MUV. If you are interested in purchasing this specific Sumo, kindly reach out to the seller using the contact number provided below.

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