First-ever review of the super RARE Tata Sumo 4X4 [Video]

The Tata Sumo was among the first proper MUVs to be launched in India and was quite a successful product too. First introduced in 1990, the Sumo was always meant to be an affordable and rugged vehicle that can perform multiple tasks without any hiccups. The Sumo is about to be discontinued from the market now due to the onset of the BNSVAP safety norms and the upcoming BSVI emission regulations.  The Sumo has become an iconic vehicle in India now and it will be remembered for long even after it’s discontinuation. As a nostalgia drive, here’s a video by Central India Media which takes us through a review of the old generation Tata Sumo. Mind you, the Sumo here is not just another Sumo but a 4×4 version used by the Army.

The 4×4 variant of the Sumo was used by the armed forces as they wanted a rough and tough vehicle that could take on any type of surface. Tata fulfilled this need with the 4×4 variant of the Sumo, which was not available for civilian sale. The Sumo seen here is available for sale as well and if any of you is interested in buying it, you can either contact the sellers through the contact number provided at the end of this post or in the video description on YouTube. As mentioned already, this one here is the off-road 4×4 Sumo. Let’s now know about this Sumo in more detail.

Sumo 4x4 1

Apart from some changes it already came with, the Sumo here features many other aesthetics additions too. The front end has been fitted with an old school metal bull bar. The fenders at all the four ends are flared with black plastic cladding adding to the butch stance of this Sumo. It has been fitted with big off-road spec tires that really make the vehicle look quite tough while also enhancing its off-road abilities. This Sumo seems to be in immaculate condition and that’s because it has been fully restored recently. The B and C-pillars have been blacked out which lend a sporty feel to it.

Sumo 4x4

To let you know, the Sumo featured here is a 1997 make model according to the video. Painted in a striking desert brown shade, it looks quite alluring aesthetically too. The rear end of the car features a metal step ladder along with a custom bumper. Moving to the interiors, they also look in decent condition if not very good. The odometer shows a reading of 75, 843 km in the video. This Sumo comes with a proper gear ratio transfer case as it is a 4×4 model.

Sumo 4x4 3

Talking about engine and power output, the Tata Sumo 4×4 is powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder, naturally aspirated diesel engine that is originally a Peugeot XD88 engine. This engine churns out a maximum power of 63 horsepower and comes mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. Ending the article with a trivia, the Tata Sumo was actually named after one of the most revered names within the Tata group, Sumant (Su) Moolgaokar (Mo). Also, during its production run, the Tata Sumo was used in various roles including government department vehicles, in the army as well as in the form of an ambulance along with being a regular civilian MUV. If you are interested in buying this Sumo, you can contact the seller via the contact number given below.

Contact Seller at – 8770147571 and 9977444094

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