Tata Sumo Gold modified with a roof top tent is ready for road trips [Video]

After the second wave of pandemic, many people have started preferring to go out on road trips in their cars. Most of the time, people customise the interior of the cars to make space for them to sleep. While most of them don’t make any major modifications, there are people who spend an amount to completely modify their vehicles to suit their requirements during a road trip. We have featured many such videos of SUVs, vans and MPVs in the past. Here we have one such Tata Sumo that has been completely into a camper.

The video has been uploaded by NADIR PASHA TINKER on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about the modification that the workshop has done a Tata Sumo to convert it into a proper camper. Vlogger speaks to the man behind this creation to know more about the vehicle. The garage owner mentions that this was a custom made project and most of the modifications were done as per customer’s instruction. He starts with the front of the Sumo. The front-end design of the vehicle has been completely revised.

It now gets a custom made metal front grille and the rectangle-shaped headlamps have been replaced with a round unit. The lights are placed inside a squarish frame. The stock bumper on this Sumo has been replaced with a custom made metal off-road bumper. The fog lamps and turn indicators are integrated into the bumper itself. A set of auxiliary lamps are also mounted on the front bumper. Coming to the side profile, the car gets a snorkel but, the garage owner mentions that it is currently not functioning. If the customer wants, he can make it functional.

Tata Sumo Gold modified with a roof top tent is ready for road trips [Video]


The other noticeable change here on the car are the wheels. The SUV gets 13 inch aftermarket alloy wheels and 17 inch chunky looking all-terrain tyres. The wheel arches get extensions to accommodate the newly installed wide wheels in it. Other than this, there are no major modifications visible on this part of the Sumo. At the rear, the stock bumper has been retained however, it is now painted in the same colour as rest of the car. The spare wheel is mounted on the tail gate and there is a metal ladder to access the roof or the roof top tent as well.

The tent is a foldable unit which is neatly integrated into the roof. There are hydraulic struts that help in lifting the tent up and it can easily accommodate two adults and a child in it. The cabin of the Sumo has also been completely customised. The basic layout of the dashboard and seats are the same but, the colour scheme is different. The seats are wrapped in tan and black dual-tone finish and even the roof liner has been customised as per customer request. The Seats in this SUV can be simply folded down to create a bed by putting a piece of mattress on it. The third row seat has been removed and a western closet has been installed in it. A 50 litres water tank is also incorporated inside the Sumo. The whole car has been repainted in Olive Green or an Army Green shade.

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