Tata Sumo Grande: Unbelievable Modification!

tata sumo grande modified

The Tata Sumo is one of those MUVs that has a huge fan following even today. It was launched in 1994 and was available in the market until 2019. Over the years, people from both commercial and private sectors have bought this MUV for its practicality. Tata even tried to replace the original Sumo with a newer generation model called the Sumo Grande. However, this model was not very well received by buyers, and Tata was forced to bring back the original Sumo. We rarely see a Sumo Grande on the road these days. Here we have a video where the owner of a Sumo Grande has completely modified the MPV into a butch-looking SUV.

The video has been shared by Vandibhranthanmar on their Instagram page. In this video, we see an all-black Tata Sumo Grande joining a pocket road. The MPV is completely modified and looks rugged. The first thing you would notice on this MPV is the height, as it looks taller than the regular Sumo Grande.

This is probably because of the new alloy wheels and off-road spec tyres. The SUV carries a black theme. The front grille on this Sumo Grande has been blacked out, and auxiliary lamps are mounted just above it. We also see a set of marker lights inside the front grille. The headlamps on this Sumo Grande have a smoked effect and feature an aftermarket setup with ring-type color-changing LED DRLs.

The front bumper looks stock; however, there is a bumper protector just above the registration plate. It appears that the owner has opted for a lift kit, which enhances the overall look of this MPV. As mentioned above, the whole vehicle is finished in black, adding to the rugged look. There are roof-mounted marker lamps, and we also see a functional snorkel installed on this vehicle.

Tata Sumo Grande: Unbelievable Modification!
Sumo Grande modified

We are not sure whether the owner has tuned the engine or opted for any performance upgrades on this MPV. We also do not see the rear of this MPV. We hope that, just like the front, the rear also comes with smoked tail lamps and a revised bumper. The windows and windshields on this MPV look tinted too.

As the owner has modified the exterior, we hope that he has done or opted for some customizations in the cabin. We expect him to have gone for a touchscreen infotainment system and a new speaker system.

Tata did try to benefit from the Sumo branding when they launched the Sumo Grande. However, people were relating the Sumo name with a rugged and practical MUV. The Grande version was aimed at the premium customer, and many were not fond of the design too.

The Sumo Grande was available with a diesel engine option only. It was powered by a 2.2-liter Dicor engine that generated 118 Bhp and 250 Nm of peak torque. This engine was paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox only.

Tata never offered the Sumo Grande with a 4×4 option. The modified Sumo Grande seen here in the video is definitely unique and is probably one of the best-looking Sumo Grande in the country.