Tata Sumo hurtles down a gorge after child disengages handbrake; 7 dead

In a freak accident, 55-year-old Om Prakash Rastogi lost his life along with six others who were travelling with him in a Tata Sumo. Om Prakash was headed to Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh for his son’s wedding. However, the Tata Sumo in which the wedding party was travelling rolled down a gorge in the Vijay Nagar area of Ghaziabad.

Tata Sumo hurtles down a gorge after child disengages handbrake; 7 dead

The Sumo had as many as 12 occupants at the time of this mishap. While 7 people, including 4 women and a child, lost their lives, five others have received severe injuries. The survivors have said that the Sumo was parked at the side of the road next to a gorge. A child, who was sitting in the front seat, accidentally disengaged the handbrake. This caused the Sumo to roll down the slope and fall into the gorge. The driver was not in the vehicle.

“At around 8:30 pm, these people were coming from Bareilly. The baraat (wedding procession) was to come to my place. Chaos ensued as the car fell into the gorge. I came out of the home rushing and saw the car had drowned in the water. I jumped in the water to help them when I saw some women screaming for help. Most of them were in a serious condition,” an eyewitness told ANI.”The police came at around 10:30 pm,” he added.

“It was the wedding of the son of Om Prakash Rastogi, who is a resident of Rampur. The wedding was in Khoda and the baraat had already gone there. Some women and children took the Tata Sumo to go to the wedding. The car fell in the gorge and people around tried to save them. They were taken to a nearby hospital,” a police officer told ANI.

This sad incident goes on to highlight the importance of a handbrake. A handbrake aka a parking brake keeps a vehicle motionless when it’s parked. Basically, the handbrake prevents a vehicle from rolling. It stays engaged until released manually. Moreover, one should always make sure to leave the car in gear when parking on a slope. Use 1st gear if facing uphill and reverse if facing downhill. This will make sure the car doesn’t roll forward (or backward) in case the handbrake is disengaged.  Finally, one should be really very careful with kids in a car. This mishap goes on to show how things can go wrong if a kid is left unsupervised.