Tata Sumo gets royally STUCK in deep slush: Hilarious Indian jugaad gets it out [Video]

For us petrolheads, driving a car/riding a bike is a blissful experience every time we indulge in it. However, sometimes things can go south with even the most experienced drivers too. An example is this video below by Degenerated Bones, which shows a rather dangerous condition in which a vehicle can be caught.  was shot at is not clear, it seems like a hilly forest area. Take a look at the video now before we further get on the details of the incident.

In the video, a Tata Sumo Victa is seen going through a patch of a bad road marked by rut and mud slush. The Tata Sumo is one of the most popular tourist vehicles as this one seems to be because of its rugged built quality and reliable nature along with spacious interiors. Note that the Sumo Victa, which is the vehicle used here, is not an AWD or 4×4 vehicle but still can take on bad roads pretty well. Coming back to the video, the Sumo manages to get through the first few meters of the road but a little further on the road and it gets stuck royally.

Sumo Victa 2

As it later turned out, the Sumo was carrying a pretty heavy load with around 5 occupants and luggage on its rooftop carrier. More luggage could be present in the MUV contributing to its overall weight. This leads it to slide while crossing one of the ruts and then going all out from its movement line. The left rear wheel is completely consumed by a mud pit and the front right wheel lifts off the ground. It seemed like the Sumo almost toppled but thankfully, that didn’t happen. Now in a vertical take-off stance, the Sumo swings in its position a few times after which its occupants get out of the vehicle.

Sumo Victa

This is where the presence of mind of the driver/occupants or what can be termed as ‘jugaad’ comes into play. All four passengers get out of the Sumo except the driver and gather on the opposite side of the Sumo which got stuck. One of them then climbs the right end bonnet while the other stand on the side steps of the Sumo, leading to greater weight distribution on the lifted end. The driver then accelerates the Sumo and it gets out of the pit, albeit in a sliding manner. In fact, the Sumo slides out for quite a distance and carries itself in a pretty hilarious manner, like screaming ‘ I slide outta pits man’.

Sumo Victa R

In such driving conditions, the driver’s abilities are put to test apart from the vehicle’s capability. The Sumo’s high ground clearance certainly helped here along with the big tires and decent engine it comes with. If you encounter any such condition where it is apparent that the vehicle might get stuck, it is always better to ask the passengers to alight in order to make the vehicle lighter. Also, in case of water filled ruts, take a good look at the surface before plunging the vehicle in and if possible, test the depth/rigidness of the surface while before driving across it.

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