Tata Sumo re-imagined as a butch pick-up truck [Video]

Tata Sumo is an iconic car that remained in production for close to three decades in the Indian market. The MUV was discontinued last year due to the stringent norms. However, the Sumo remains one of the most recognised cars on the roads and there’s no doubt in the fact that it is a pure workhorse that can last for years without much requirement of maintenance. Well, it is not known if the Tata Sumo will make a comeback in the future. However, here is a digital rendering that shows what the Sumo might look like if it ever makes a comeback in the pick-up truck form.

The rendering is made by SRK Designs. Tata Motors has never launched a pick-up truck based on the Sumo. Since the pick-up trucks have never been very popular in the Indian market, such vehicles have never been launched in the market. Nonetheless, this is a pure imagination-based rendering image and Tata may not ever launch a Sumo pick-up in the Indian market in the future.

The final image is based on the regular Tata Sumo and it looks extremely good. If it ever makes it to the market, the vehicle will find a lot of buyers. The Tata Sumo pick-up retains its four doors on the side and is a double-cab design. In the rear, it gets a small flatbed that is good to keep a lot of household items and can be very useful for people with small farms. Pick-up beds can be used for a wide range of things and are very practical for people who have to move around a lot of things.

Tata Sumo re-imagined as a butch pick-up truck [Video]

To add some spice, the artist has given the vehicle aftermarket alloy wheels in an all-black finish. It looks extremely good. Also, the car gets a roof carrier with two bolstering rods coming down. It makes the Sumo pick-up much more muscular and will attract a lot of eyes towards it. A few tweaks have been done around to add a modern look to the car. Starting for new-age headlamps and flared wheel arches, the Sump pick-up looks like a real deal.

The Tata Sumo is an iconic car in India and it is extremely popular in the hilly areas, especially in the north-eastern region of the country. The simple ladder frame of the Sumo makes it extremely agile and a good vehicle to tackle the bad surfaces. There are many Tata Sumo MUVs that are still in service with lakhs of kilometres on the odometer. This indicates that the Sumo is extremely reliable too.