Tata Tiago breaks pole into 3: Passengers walk away [Video]

A few days ago, a Mahindra Scorpio-N was involved in a massive accident against a high mast light pole. Now, a Tata Tiago crashed against an electric pole and broke it into three pieces. The new accident from Chattisgarh shows how the car crashed against the concrete electricity pole and how the passenger then simply walk away without any injuries.

According to the information, the accident happened late in the night and the driver was drunk. The car crashed against the pole and caused the electric pole to break into three parts. The crash caused some heavy damage to the front of the vehicle. The pole fell on the top of the Tiago. The car held the weight of the pole quite well and did not let the roof cave in. The driver sustained a few minor injuries.

The accident happened at high speed and the vehicle turned 180 degrees after the crash. Even after the impact, the doors were operating in a normal way and the driver could get out of the vehicle without any problem. We are not sure if the electricity pole was active. If it was, then the driver definitely got saved from a major mishap.

Four-star safety

Tata Tiago breaks pole into 3: Passengers walk away [Video]

The Tiago is the safest car in the segment according to the ratings by Global NCAP. It has received as many as four stars. However, the footwell and the structure of the vehicle are rated as unstable.

Tata Motors has one of the best safety-rated model line-ups in India. The Tata Tiago and Tigor have four-star safety ratings while the Tata Altroz and the Tata Nexon have full five-star safety ratings. Other vehicles like the Harrier and Safari are yet to be tested by the safety rating agency.

Do not drink and drive

Drinking causes the body to react slower, which can cause massive accidents. Many accident cases around the world involve drunk driving. In India, the maximum limit of alcohol in the blood is 30 mg per 100 ml. The cops can seize the license if the alcohol level is found above that. In many other states, people can also go to jail for driving drunk and have to pay hefty fines. In recent years, the laws around drunken driving have become very stringent and cops have started to apply them extremely strictly. This has caused a rise in the number of drunken driving cases. A cop can flag down a vehicle and the level of alcohol is measured by a breathalyzer. If a person refuses to take the test on the spot, the cops take them to government-approved hospitals for blood samples, which are then used to determine the level of alcohol. However, at present, cops try to figure out if the person is drunk by talking to them first and then taking the test.

Driving or riding under the influence of alcohol causes poor judgement on the roads which increases the probability of an accident by multiple folds. Often, after a heavy drinking session at night, the effects of alcohol do not go away the next morning too. Also, alcohol can make your actions slow and lethargic, which is why driving or operating heavy machinery under the influence is extremely dangerous. One should always take a cab or let a sober person drive during such times.