Tata Tiago iCNG AMT: Drive Impressions On Video

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The Tata Tiago CNG with AMT is a game-changer in the Indian market, combining the fuel efficiency of CNG with the convenience of an automatic transmission. Launched in February 2024, it’s India’s first factory-fitted CNG car with an AMT, offering effortless driving and impressive mileage of 28.06 km/kg. Available in three variants, it boasts features like a touchscreen infotainment system, power windows, and safety features like ABS and dual airbags. While the 1.2L engine delivers peppy performance, the main draw is the smooth AMT gearbox, making city commutes and traffic crawls a breeze. However, keep in mind its limited boot space due to the CNG tank and slightly higher price tag compared to manual variants. Overall, the Tiago CNG with AMT is a compelling option for budget-conscious buyers seeking a comfortable and fuel-efficient city car.

The review of the Tata Tiago CNG Automatic begins with an overview of its exterior design. The reviewer, who owns a Tiago Automatic, compares the Tiago CNG Automatic and Tiago Petrol Automatic across various factors. The review is available on YouTube, posted by Kataria Garage.

The Tata Tiago CNG Automatic stands out as not many companies offer a CNG option with an automatic transmission. Its unique selling point (USP) lies in its spacious boot, as minimal space is compromised due to the spare wheel being mounted on the bottom of the car.

The reviewer emphasizes the importance and usefulness of a CNG automatic in congested areas and bumper-to-bumper traffic, highlighting its advantages over petrol automatic or manual variants.

Tata Tiago iCNG AMT: Drive Impressions On Video

Drive Impressions:

Power: The Tiago CNG Automatic delivers 72 bhp and 95 Nm torque, providing adequate power for daily commutes. Reverse Gear: The power in reverse gear matches the forward gears, ensuring smooth maneuverability. Acceleration: The car smoothly picks up from a halt without the need for excessive accelerator input.

Vibrations: Despite being a 3-cylinder engine, vibrations are minimal, contributing to a comfortable ride experience. Gear Shifting: The automatic gearbox feels smoother compared to the reviewer’s 2018 model Tiago Automatic Petrol.

Performance: The initial power delivery is satisfactory, and the gear shifting, although exhibiting a slight rubber band effect typical of AMT transmissions, is smooth overall. Fuel Efficiency: The Tiago CNG Automatic starts on CNG and offers commendable performance with smooth gear shifts, comparable to its petrol counterpart.

Uphill Performance: The car performs well on slopes, exhibiting performance similar to the petrol version. Comparison: The reviewer, who owns a petrol automatic Tiago, repeatedly mentions that the CNG variant performs equally well. Jerk and Lag: Gear shifting jerk and power lag are minimal, indicating well-tuned transmission and engine settings.

Tire Spin Test: The reviewer conducts a tire spin test, which the Tiago CNG Automatic successfully passes. The Tata Tiago CNG Automatic proves to be a reliable and efficient choice for urban commutes, offering comparable performance to its petrol counterpart. With its spacious boot and smooth driving experience, it presents a compelling option for buyers seeking a budget-friendly and eco-friendly vehicle. Keep an eye out for its official launch to experience the evolution of an automotive icon!