Tata Tiago owner satisfied with car’s build quality: Buys another Tiago after big crash

Tata Motors is one of those car manufacturer, which is popular among customers for its build quality. It manufactures some of the safest cars in the country. Even their entry level hatchback Tata Tiago is also a well built product and is one of the safest car in this segment. Tata Tiago hatchback competes with cars like Marti Celerio, Renault Kwid in the segment. There are several posts available online praising the build quality of this small hatchback. Here we have a report of a person who was so happy with the build quality of Tiago after an accident that, he actually bought another Tiago.

Sathya Prakash Reddy, who is a Tata Tiago owner shared this post on Tata Tiago owner’s group. Mr. Reddy had bought the car in October last year. Sathya Prakash Reddy describes an incident where his Tata Tiago was involved in a crash. Mr. Reddy along with his two other friends were driving from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad. The owner mentions that, the accident had occured because of his mistake and he was not concentrating on the road.

The car was doing around 100 kmph when he suddenly noticed a big pothole in the middle of the road. In order to avoid the pothole, he suddenly turned the steering and he lost control over the vehicle. According to the owner, after losing control, Tiago had slipped off the road and the car rolled for over four times. The owner shared the pictures of his Tiago after the crash and it looks nasty. The accident had damaged the vehicle completely and the roof has been crushed during the rollover.

The owner who was driving the car had gone unconscious and had wound on his hand which probably might have happened after he got his hand between roof and the door. His friends who were with him in the car were also safe and only had some bruises. The owner was so happy with the built quality that he bought another Tiago after the accident.

The reason why he bought is because the other Tiago was completely damaged in the accident and he felt like if it was not for the Tata Tiago, he would not have walked away from the accident with such minor injuries. He was so impressed with the build quality of Tiago that Mr. Reddy bought his second Tata Tiago hatchback on 17th November 2020.

Tata Tiago gets a 4 star safety rating at Global NCAP crash test and several manufacturers have now been stressing on the safety aspect of vehicle. Government had laid some rules for manufacturers to make cars a lot more safer for both occupants and pedestrians. India now has a  cars that follow safety norms and new emission norms.

Coming back to Tata Tiago, it is a small but, bold looking hatchback in the segment. Facelifted version of the Tiago hatchback was launched in the market last year. As part of the BS6 transition, Tata had discontinued the diesel version. Tiago is now available with a petrol engine only. It is powered by a 1.2 litre naturally aspirated engine that comes with both manual and AMT gearbox option. Tata is also testing a CNG version of Tiago and it is expected to be launched in the market soon.