Tata Tiago crashes at 110 kmph on expressway: Passengers escape with minor injuries

The build quality of a car is a factor that many car buyers have been considering lately. Indian car manufacturers like Tata and Mahindra are popular among customers for their build quality. We have come across several instances where people have thanked the build quality of these vehicles after escaping from major accidents. Many of them even bought Tata cars again simply because of the safe feeling they offer. Here, we have a video that shows a Tata Tiago hatchback crashing into the divider on an expressway. Thankfully, all the passengers in the car escaped without major injuries.

The video has been uploaded by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel and was shared by one of his subscribers. The vlogger mentions that the accident happened recently on the KMP Expressway. The person who recorded the video was also in a car behind the Tata Tiago. The subscriber is a witness to this accident and explains it as follows:

The Tata Tiago was traveling at a speed of around 100-110 kmph, as it was an expressway. The couple in the car was traveling from Rishikesh, a nearby hill station. Suddenly, the Tata Tiago hit the divider on the right side of the road, and the front axle broke almost immediately. The driver did not have enough time to respond, and the car rolled over at least 8 times.

Tata Tiago crashes at 110 kmph on expressway: Passengers escape with minor injuries


The driver’s side of the car had more damage. The roof and the A-pillar on the driver’s side were damaged, along with the doors and other panels. In the short clip available online, we can see people running towards the car to help the occupants. The exact cause of the accident is not known at the moment. The interior of the car has also been badly damaged, including the AC vents and the front windshield.

Thankfully, the occupants in the car were wearing seat belts. It is not clear if the car driver had dozed off while driving on the expressway or if they simply swerved the car to avoid an obstacle that appeared in front of them. The video shows that the right side of the car had the most damage, including the driver-side door. We believe the occupants might have exited from the co-passenger side.

The video mentions that the occupants escaped from the car with minor injuries. Once again, this video shows how important the build quality of a vehicle is. If the car had not absorbed the impact properly, it might have crumpled, causing serious injuries or even fatalities for the passengers inside, given the high speed of the crash. Thankfully, there were not many vehicles in front or behind the Tiago. If that had been the case, more vehicles would have been involved in this crash. When going for long highway drives, it is always a good idea to take short breaks to ensure you don’t feel tired or doze off, which can lead to accidents like this. The seat belts also saved the occupants as they would have been thrown out of the vehicle otherwise.