Tata Tiago crashes into a truck at 100 km/h: Driver safe [Video]

With the Indian government planning to make crash test ratings mandatory for all new cars, there are already a few vehicles that offer high safety ratings and have been crashed tested by Global NCAP. Tata Tiago is one of these cars with a four-star safety rating. We have seen many incidents in the past where the owner of the vehicle has thanked the build quality of the car after getting involved in an accident. Here is an incident from Gujarat where the Tata Tiago crashed into a truck at high-speed.

The incident is reported by Nikhil Rana. According to the information, the incident happened on Gujarat’s CTM – Vishala Road. According to an eyewitness, the Tata Tiago was travelling at more than 100 km/h on the roads. The driver of the car did not slow down at a crossing.

A truck entered the crossing and since the Tiago was doing really high speed, the driver could not stop the car in time. The Tata Tiago crashed into the front fender of the truck and the codriver’s side is completely damaged and the B-pillar is crumpled. This happened due to the height of the truck and the contact point between the truck and the Tiago is the pillar itself.

The driver, however, came out safely and was conscious. He even talked to his relatives and assured them that he is well. The truck driver called for an ambulance to help the driver. There are severe damages to the truck too. The suspension seems to be broken after the impact.

Slow down at road crossings

Tata Tiago crashes into a truck at 100 km/h: Driver safe [Video]

The Indian roads are very unsafe. We commonly see stray animals, cattle and pedestrians crossing the road. There are even vehicles that come on the wrong side or take turns without using the indicators. It is very important to ride within the safe speed limit on the Indian roads so that the speed can be controlled during emergency situations.

As there is no concept of the right-of-way in India, it is always a good idea to slow down to safer speeds on the roads when approaching a crossing. Also, when on the highways, it is always a good idea to slow down while crossing populated areas like cities and villages. Even though there are proper crossings made for pedestrians, most people do not use these crossings and try to save time by loitering on the highways. Also, such areas have a high chance of stray animals and cattle.

Tata Tiago gets 4-star crash test rating

The Tiago is the safest car in the segment according to the ratings by Global NCAP. It has received as many as four stars. However, the footwell and the structure of the vehicle are rated as unstable.

Tata Motors has one of the best safety-rated model line-ups in India. The Tata Tiago and Tigor have four-star safety ratings while the Tata Altroz and the Tata Nexon have full five-star safety ratings. Other vehicles like the Harrier and Safari are yet to be tested by the safety rating agency.

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