Tata Tiago EV & Tigor Electric Car shown at Auto Expo 2018

The 2018 Auto Expo was all about electric vehicles. Almost all the manufacturers had one electric product to showcase at their stalls. Tata, who is currently supplying Tiago electric to the Indian government has showcased two electric vehicles at the 2018 Auto Expo.

Tata Tiago EV & Tigor Electric Car shown at Auto Expo 2018

Visually, the Tiago EV and the Tigor EV look exactly the same as the regular models. Tata has added additional blue decals to differentiate it from the regular models. The EV models also get EV badging on the front grille and on the sides. On the inside, the cars get a knob in place of the gear lever. Rest, everything is similar to the regular models.

Under the hood, the car gets a different powertrain. The manufacturer is sourcing powertrain from Electra EV, a new company that develops and supplies electric drive systems to the manufacturers. Both the cars are powered by similar powertrains. The power comes from a 3 phase AC motor that generates around 40 Bhp. Torque output is unknown. Even though the power output seems to be low, electric vehicles have maximum output from idle, which makes them much more fun to drive around in the cities.

Tata Tiago EV & Tigor Electric Car shown at Auto Expo 2018

Tata is yet to reveal other specifications like the range of the vehicle or charging time. It is also not known if the car will get fast charging. Such details are expected to come out soon. Tata has also not revealed such details about the cars that they are supplying to the Indian government through a contract that they won last year.

Both the Tiago electric and Tigor electric will be produced at the Sanand plant in Gujarat, Tata has already started supplying vehicles to the government and soon the cars may be offered to the regular customers. Price details are also not known but we are expecting a price tag between Rs. 8 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh.

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