Brand new Tata Tiago falls from first floor during delivery

Taking the delivery of a new car sure excites many. This car delivery from Hyderabad definitely is not an exciting one. A customer taking delivery of the brand-new Tata Tiago crashed from the first floor. What happened exactly? Well, here are the details.

The incident happened at Select Cars, which is an authorized dealership of Tata Motors. It is one of the biggest showrooms located at the Alkapuri Cross Road, Nagole Colony in Hyderabad. The multi-level showroom has cars displayed at different levels too.

The dealership was delivering the Tata Tiago to the customer. As the CCTV footage shows, the vehicle was on the first floor and was positioned on a hydraulic ramp. The customer, who is in the driver’s seat was talking to the salesman. The salesman seems to be explaining the features of the Tata Tiago.

Maybe that is why the engine was on. The footage shows that the vehicle starts moving and the salesman even tries to stop the driver. However, the car goes straight through the glass panes and falls on the ground from the first floor.

We are not sure how the customer started to drive the car and why he could not stop it. It seems like that the driver is still learning and did not know how to stop the car. Also, it can be possible that it was the AMT variant and the customer engaged the drive mode and then pressed the accelerator instead of the brake due to the panic situation. Such accidents are not uncommon.

Injuries reported

The customer was alone inside the car. When it fell down from the first floor, he did get a few injuries. One person was standing outside the showroom and got injured too. Both of the injured are admitted to a hospital and are undergoing treatment.

The Tiago turned upside down during the fall. That is why it took some time for the people to rescue the driver from the car. It also seems like he was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the incident or the injuries could have been limited.

Not the first delivery accident

There are many new and inexperienced customers who buy their first car and go to take the delivery all by themselves. This delivery incident of the Tata Tiago is not the first one. Earlier, a Kia Carnival crashed into a wall during the delivery while the customer was getting the car down on a ramp from the showroom.

Another accident involved a brand-new Volkswagen Polo. The customer took the delivery but could not control the car inside the showroom parking. The hatchback turned turtle within minutes after taking the delivery.

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