Tata Tiago JTP to be a lot more POWERFUL than the Maruti Baleno RS

Tata Tiago has proved to be a popular product from the brand and has become the best-selling car from their line-up. The Tiago was recently was launched in a new NRG variant with rugged exteriors. Now Tata is preparing to the launch the performance variants of the car – Tiago JTP.

Tata Tiago JTP to be a lot more POWERFUL than the Maruti Baleno RS

Tata first showcased the Tiago JTP at the 2018 Auto Expo and it has emerged that it will be much more powerful than the Maruti Baleno RS. The Baleno RS is currently the most affordable hot-hatchback in the Indian market but that will change with the launch of the Tiago JTP.

The high-performance variant of the Tiago JTP will get powered by the 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine that also powers the Nexon. In Nexon, the engine produces a maximum of 108 Bhp and 150 Nm. According to a report, the Tiago JTP will produce more power than the Nexon’s engine.

The Tiago is much lighter than the Nexon and plonking such a powerful engine will make it a hooligan on the road! In comparison, the Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS is powered by a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder, turbocharged engine that produces a maximum of 100 Bhp and 150 Nm.

With the engine of the Nexon, the Tiago will also get the six-speed manual transmission. Being a high-performance variant focussed on the enthusiasts, there will not be an automatic transmission which is currently available with the regular variants of the hatchback. The interiors will carry an all-black theme with red highlights to add the sporty touch to the machine. It is also expected to get the 5.0-inch touchscreen that was introduced with the Tiago NRG.

The high-performance version has been developed along with the Coimbatore-based Jayem Auto. The Tiago JTP will get a host of mechanical changes including lowered ride height due to the reworked suspension. The lowered height will ensure better handling of the car and a sharp steering response. Other visual changes include updated fog lamp housings, smoked headlamps, faux air vents on the bonnet, and new sportier alloy wheels.

Tata Tiago JTP to be a lot more POWERFUL than the Maruti Baleno RS

Tata has been testing the Tiago JTP mule for a long time now and the car is expected to be launched soon. Tata also showcased the Tigor JTP at the 2018 Auto Expo and the performance sedan may launch at a later date if the Tiago JTP gets a good response from the market.


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