How far can the Tata Tiago go after the low fuel warning? [Video]

The Tata Tiago is one of the best affordable hatchbacks in country right now. Tata offers the Tiago with a whopping 25 variants, which is quite a lot actually. Also, the Tiago is the most fuel efficient vehicle in its segment with a ARAI certified fuel efficiency rating of 23.84 km/l for the petrol powered variants and 27.28 km/l for the diesel powered variants.

Now, how much a car can travel after low fuel warning is a question which might have bothered you too at some point of life. It is said that curiosity is the mother of all inventions and the same today has led to this video by Ridiculously Amazing, which gives an answer to all those who had this question in mind.

The ‘Kitna Deti Hai’ question has become somewhat a slang, thrown at every manufacturer that launches a new car and every person that buys a new car. For some, mileage can be the deal maker or breaker and they might leave a better car in order to buy one with more mileage. However, we are talking about a different kind of ‘Kitna deti hai’ today. This test is done to test how far the Tata Tiago can go after the low fuel warning lights up in the instrument cluster.

The Tiago used in the test travels mostly in the city during the course of the video. Apparently, the owner of the car thought that the Tiago would stop withing 20 kms of the fuel earning light but that did not happen. Therefore, he continued the test the next morning. He again takes the car for a long spin and is amazed by how far the car can go on its reserve fuel. The video continues showing the car being driven and tested to its limits. It comes to a stop at last, when finally the engine runs out of fumes too. Since the point of start (low fuel warning) to the point of stop, the Tiago covered a total distance of about 77 kms, which actually is pretty decent.

How far can the Tata Tiago go after the low fuel warning? [Video]

Manufacturers deliberately build such a system which begins to show low fuel warning when about 5-6 litres of fuel is still left in the car. The amount of fuel left in the car depends on the make and model also. This is done so as the car does not gets stranded in emergency situations and the driver fill the petrol after seeing the low fuel light. After the warning light flashes, most of the cars can easily go for upto 70-80 kms. However, always keep you car above the low fuel mark. This is because if the engine is regularly being run on very low fuel levels, it can get damaged. Therefore, make it a point to keep the fuel levels well above the empty marker on the fuel gauge if you want your car to run hassle free for long.