Tata Tiago official accessories detailed in new video

Tata Motors offers a wide range of official accessories for the Tata Tiago. These optional accessories help the small hatchback from the popular Indian car manufacturer look slightly different from the regular version. Here’s a video that shows most of the official accessories you can purchase for your Tata Tiago hatchback.

The vlogger has not only talked about these accessories but has also tried to show how the car looks when equipped with them. For this, he has used an XZ variant. For the front-end, you can purchase an illuminated badge that costs Rs 1,590. You can also give the headlamps some chrome garnish for Rs 1,845. There’s also a lower chrome garnish for the air dam area. This costs Rs 1,376. Bumper corner protectors cost Rs 985 and can save your bumpers from minor scratches and dings. You can also purchase foglamps with DRLs for Rs 12,000.

For the side profile, you can install door visors for Rs 2,175. The door handle chrome garnish costs Rs 1,290. The door side rub strip costs Rs 1,290 and can save the side profile from minor scratches. A set of wheel covers will cost Rs 2,300 while the alloy wheels cost Rs 24,000. You can also have some chrome garnish on the boot for Rs 1,021. Other than these, you can also purchase a car body cover for Rs 2,155.

For the interior, you get illuminated scuff plates for Rs 2,490. Seat covers are priced between Rs 6,500 to Rs 7,500. Reverse parking camera and sensors with camera cost Rs 7,500. A dashcam costs Rs 5,000 while a driver’s armrest costs Rs 5,483. There’s also a smart bracelet that can help you control some features of the car remotely. This costs Rs 2,000. The remote locking system costs Rs 4,700.

Here’s a quick look at all the official accessories with their prices (in INR) 

  • Illuminated badge – 1590
  • Headlamp chrome garnish – 1845
  • Lower chrome garnish near airdam – 1376
  • Bumper protector – 985
  • Fog lamp with DRL – 12000
  • Door Visor – 2175
  • Door handle chrome garnish – 1290
  • Door side rub strip – 1290
  • Illuminated Scuff plates – 2590
  • Boot chrome garnish – 1021
  • Reverse parking sensors and camera with 4-inch display – 7,500
  • Dashcam – 5000
  • Body cover – 2155
  • Driver Armrest – 5,483
  • Seat covers – 6500 – 7500
  • Wheel covers – 2300
  • alloy wheels – 2400
  • Smart bracelet – 2000
  • Remote locking system – 4700
  • Car perfume – 100

Video Courtesy – Ujjwal Saxena on Youtube