Tata Tiago owner books Nexon after surviving a rollover crash [Video]

We often see brand loyalists sticking to a particular brand when upgrading their vehicles. This Tata customer upgraded his hatchback – a Tata Tiago to Tata Nexon after his car got into a massive accident and overturned while saving another motorist. The former Tata Tiago customer says that he bought the Nexon because the Tiago saved his life.

The accident happened in Odisha. According to the details, the owner of the car was on a blind turn when a scooter rider came in front of the vehicle. The Tata Tiago owner swerved the car to avoid hitting the motorist. He lost control of the vehicle and as you can see in the pictures, the vehicle overturned and is resting on its roof.

Multiple pictures of the car show a big dent on the roof and an impact on the front left of the vehicle. However, we are not sure if the airbags opened in this accident. Nonetheless, the driver of the car came out of the vehicle on his own and claims that there is not a single scratch on his body. It means that the doors were functioning normally even when the vehicle got upside down.

It seems like a complete write-off, which is why the owner must be upgrading to a new car after the accident. Incidentally, rollover crashes have become quite common with Tata cars. We are not sure if it is a design flaw or the way Tata owner drive their vehicles but there have been numerous incidents of Tata cars including the Tiago getting toppled during accidents.

Tata Tiago is safest car in segment

Tata Tiago owner books Nexon after surviving a rollover crash [Video]

The Tata Tiago has achieved an impressive safety rating in its segment, earning a commendable four stars according to Global NCAP. However, it’s worth noting that the footwell and vehicle structure have been assessed as unstable.

Tata Motors boasts one of the most exemplary line-ups of safety-rated models in India. The Tata Tiago and Tigor hold four-star safety ratings, while the Tata Altroz and Tata Nexon proudly display full five-star safety ratings. As for vehicles like the Harrier and Safari, they are yet to undergo testing by the safety rating agency.

Numerous Tata Motors car owners have expressed their appreciation for the exceptional build quality of their vehicles. Many individuals have shared accounts of accidents they’ve been involved in and subsequently praised the car’s robustness and safety. Currently, Tata offers the largest selection of cars with both four-star and five-star safety ratings in the market.

Furthermore, Tata Motors extends its commitment to safety with the Tata Tiago iCNG, which stands as the safest CNG car in the country. Additionally, the Tigor, a sedan variant based on the Tata Tiago, also holds a four-star safety rating and is regarded as the safest sedan in its segment.

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