Tata Tiago topples multiple times after hitting cart on highway: Driver walks out [Video]

Tata cars are popular among buyers mainly because of their build quality. There are several instances where people have walked away from accidents without major injuries, solely due to the vehicles’ build quality. This is one of the major reasons why Tata has now become one of the most popular brands among customers. We have featured videos of several Tata car accidents in the past, where occupants have escaped without severe injuries. Here, we have one such incident from Uttar Pradesh, where a Tata Tiago hatchback crashed into a buggy or cart that suddenly came in front of the vehicle.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The vlogger mentions that the images were shared by one of his subscribers. According to the video, the Tata Tiago was traveling from Agra to Uttarakhand on the Rampur-Rudrapur highway. There were two occupants in the Tata Tiago. The car was maintaining the highway speed limit. Suddenly, a person riding a bullock/horse cart came in front of the vehicle. It is not clear whether the cart was trying to cross the highway or simply joined without looking at the oncoming traffic.

The Tata Tiago was being driven at a good speed, and when they suddenly saw the car in front, the driver applied the brakes; however, it was of no use. The car crashed into the cart and flipped upside down. The cart was thrown to the side of the road upon impact. The occupants in the car were wearing seatbelts, which helped them a lot in this case. The front of the Tiago was completely destroyed. The headlights, bonnet, and fenders were completely damaged. As seen in the video, the car had capsized after the accident. Interestingly, the airbags in this hatchback did not deploy.

Tata Tiago topples multiple times after hitting cart on highway: Driver walks out [Video]
Tata Tiago accident

The car was resting on the roof, and all the panels had several dents and scratches. The front tire had also burst, and the ORVMs were damaged too. In the beginning of the video, the occupants can be heard saying that they were on their way to visit a temple when the accident happened. The video mentions that the cabin of the car was intact, and the occupants escaped without injuries. The roof was damaged, and the front windscreen was shattered. The bonnet was missing from the car. The pillars on this small hatchback absorbed the impact quite well.

The video does not mention the speed of the car, but looking at the images, it seems like the driver was maintaining a speed of around 80 km/h or above when this happened. The cart that caused this accident is shown in the video. It does not say anything about the animal, but the person riding the cart was definitely injured. People riding such animal carts on Indian roads and highways are very common. Although such carts are not allowed on many highways, people living in the area often use the highway to cross or get to the other side. This often leads to accidents like the one we saw in this video. People driving on Indian highways should also be alert, as there are possibilities that an animal, vehicle, or even a person might suddenly appear in front of your vehicle.