Tata Tiago XE Electric: India’s cheapest electric car arrives at dealerships [Video]

Tata Tiago EV XE base variant

Tata Motors has recently launched Tiago EV, the country’s most affordable electric vehicle. To promote the vehicle, the company is sponsoring the 2023 Indian Premier League. A video of the base XE variant of the Tata Tiago EV has been shared on YouTube, providing a detailed look at the all-new EV hatchback. The video walkaround of the Tiago EV has been uploaded by Anubhav Chauhan on their channel.

The video begins with an exterior walkaround of the car, starting at the front of the vehicle. The presenter mentions that the current model is the most affordable EV in India, and the base XE variant only offers medium range, with no option for a long range. He further mentions that this variant costs Rs 9.86 lakh in Gurgaon, Haryana.

After that, he shows the key to the car and mentions that it comes with two traditional keys with no buttons or controls. He checks if the car gets central locking or not and finds out that it does not. The presenter then shows the car from the front, stating that it cannot be distinguished as a base variant from the front, although it misses out on projector headlamps and fog lamps.

The car is then shown from the side profile, where the presenter points out that Tata does not offer wheel caps. It gets 16-inch steel wheels finished in silver, and the door handles and mirrors are also not painted in body color. The charging point is also shown, which is present in the rear left quarter panel where the traditional fuel lid is located in ICE iterations of the Tiago.

Tata Tiago XE Electric: India’s cheapest electric car arrives at dealerships [Video]

Moving to the rear end of the car, the presenter shows that the car looks decent from the rear, with no obvious features indicating it as a base variant. The car does not get a rear wiper or defogger, but it does have two rear parking sensors. There is no button in the boot to access it; rather, the owner will have to use the key to unlock the boot or do it via the lever in the driver’s footwell. The presenter then folds the rear seat to show the space available.

The presenter then moves inside and sits in the driver’s seat to show the interior layout. The interior layout is the same as the ICE Tiago; however, this one lacks a ton of features. The YouTuber mentions that this particular base variant does not have an infotainment system, and it also does not get any power windows. He points out that it does get an automatic climate control system, and a weird thing about this system is that it does not have any screen, and the temperature readouts are shown in the digital instrument cluster of the car.

Following this, the presenter shows the engine bay of the Tiago EV and mentions that it gets an electric motor that produces around 60 bhp and 110 Nm of torque. The company claims that the Tiago EV can offer a range of 250 km, but it would be safe to assume that in real life, it will be around 150-170 km, and if pushed hard, it will be around 100-120 km.