Just-launched Tata Tiago XT(O): What has changed

Tata recently launched the XT(O) variant of the Tiago. The new variant has been priced below the XT variant at Rs. 5.47 lakhs ex-showroom. It costs Rs. 15,000 less than the XT variant because it misses out on some equipment. The variant was aimed towards people who want to customize their Tiago from after-market. Here, is a video that gives us a detailed walkaround and tells us what all changes have Tata made. The video is uploaded on YouTube by  TheCarsShow by Arsh Jolly.

First, the host shows us the key of the Tiago XT(O). It comes with a foldable key. It gets the same halogen headlamps, chrome humanity line and the front grille finished in piano black that we get on the higher variants. There are no fog lamps on offer but you can get them as an accessory. It also comes with wheel covers from the factory. So, there are no exterior changes between the XT and XT(O) variants.

The interior comes with dual-tone black and grey interior. There is the electric adjustment for the outside rearview mirrors and you also get all four power windows. The biggest change is that Tata does not offer an audio system with the XT(O) variant. However, you do get wiring, four speakers by Harman and steering mounted audio controls. It also comes with a digital instrument cluster.

Just-launched Tata Tiago XT(O): What has changed


You can get the infotainment system from the dealership itself. The owner of the Tiago in the video has opted for an infotainment system. It is an Android-powered touchscreen infotainment system. The infotainment costs around Rs. 24,000 and installation charges. You get Bluetooth connectivity also and support for Android Apps also. There is also a reverse parking camera with an infotainment system that works with the rear parking sensors. There is also a mic so that you can take calls.

Then there is manual air conditioning, a 12V accessory socket and a USB charging socket. You do miss out on a mirror on the passenger sun visor. So, the only difference between the XT and XT(O) variants is the missing infotainment system.

The world is facing a shortage of microchips due to which Tata has launched the new variant which misses out on the infotainment system which does use microchips. The other reason that Tata launched a new variant is some people want a naked car but they do want some basic features like power windows etc. So, people can buy the XT(O) variant and it does offer all the basic equipment and the buyers can opt for after-market accessories that they want.

Mechanically, there is no change to the XT(O) variant. So, it continues to come with a 1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that produces 86 PS of max power and 113 Nm of peak torque. It is offered only with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The higher variants do get an optional 5-speed AMT gearbox. Tata is also working on a CNG variant of Tiago which is expected to launch around the festive season.

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