Tata Tigor EV owner shows how to charge car using a generator in an emergency [Video]

EV’s are gaining popularity in India and Tata Motors is currently one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in the country. Tata Nexon EV, which was the first electric vehicle from Tata is currently the best selling SUV in its segment. After Nexon EV, the manufacturer also launched much more affordable Tigor EV in the market. Just like the Nexon EV, Tigor EV has also been accepted by the buyers in EV community. One of the main problems that many EV owners still face while going out on trips is the lack of charging stations. In order to solve this problem, here we have a video, where a Tigor EV owner shows how to charge your car using a petrol generator.

The video has been uploaded by sinto antony on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger and his friend are going out on a small road trip to Wagamon, which is a hill station in Kerala. They are driving a Tata Tigor EV sedan in this trip and after driving the car for almost 90 km, they stopped to recharge the car at a proper charging station. After charging the car up to 84 percent, they started driving uphill and soon the battery percentage started dropping.

By the time, they reached their destination, the car had almost 26 percent of charge left in it. In Wagamon, which is a hill station does not have any charging station. Vlogger then tells that, they drove to car to this destination as part of an experiment, they have been planning for a long time. They wanted to see, if they can actually charge an electric car using a petrol generator. It is not clear, whether the generator used in the video was brought by the vlogger or was it arranged from the location where they were staying.

Tata Tigor EV owner shows how to charge car using a generator in an emergency [Video]

The main issue that one might face while plugging in an electric car to a generator is the earthing. They used a 3Kw gasoline generator for recharging. They use a metal rod and fix it to the ground. Then a piece of wire from the switchboard which is connecting the neutral and earth is connected to the metal rod. Once the wires were connected properly, they plug the three pin of the home charger of Nexon EV to the switch board. The generator is then started and after that, they turn the switch on. The charger of the Tigor EV then shows that there is no error in the charging set up and was properly charging the car. If the earth wire is not properly connected, then it would show error when the charger is connected.

The vlogger then shows the instrument cluster in the Tigor EV. It was charging properly and when they connected the generator, the car had 26 percent charge in it. They kept the generator running for almost one hour and when they came back, the car had 36 percent charge in it. The rate of charging using this set up is very slow but, it is definitely successful. If you are staying at a hotel, the portable charger which is available with the EV can be connected to any regular wall socket.

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