Tata Tigor EV owner stranded after the charger gets stuck in the car [Video]

Tata Motors is one of the leading electric car manufacturer in India. They currently have three models in their line-up and more vehicles are expected to be launched in the market soon. Just like any new product, people who have been using Tata’s electric vehicles have also faced several issues. One such issue that we see on Tata EV’s is the charger getting stuck in the port. We have come across several videos where Tata Nexon EV owners have faced this issue in the past. Now, here we have a video of a Tigor EV owner, who got stranded because the charging gun connected to his vehicle could not be removed.

The video has been uploaded by sinto antony on his YouTube channel. In this video, the owner mentions that he was on his way back home after a trip with his family. He was only 5-6 km away from his home, when he decided to stop at a restaurant and buy some food. While he was placing the order, he decided to plug the car to the fast charger in front of the restaurant. He connected the charger and went inside the restaurant to place the order. After he came back, he realised the trouble which he got into. The owner disconnected the charger and tried removing the gun. It was stuck and was not coming out.

This is an issue that has been reported in other EVs as well. In order to avoid such situations, the manufacturer is offering a manual switch to free the charger. The switch is inside the wheel well area, which means it was completely covered in mud. Owner mentioned that as he was coming back from a road trip, the switch was completely covered in mud and looked for a hose to wash it down. Once he found the hose, he washed the wheel well area to locate the override switch. He located the override switch but, it was too small and was also stuck badly.

Tata Tigor EV owner stranded after the charger gets stuck in the car [Video]

The owner can be heard saying in the video that this situation was every EV owners nightmare. The switch was located but, it was not moving. Meanwhile other people who were with the owner also tried helping him by pulling the charging gun out. The gun was locked and it was not coming out. The owner even looked for workshops but, most of them had closed. He later decided to leave the car in front of the restaurant and come back next day to pick it up. He could only think of it because he was living nearby.

If he had faced the same issue somewhere else, he could have been in lot of trouble. The switch is completely exposed to mud and sand and that is what it even harder for them to use it. Tata should offer a cover to protect the switch. After several hours and attempts, the owner finally managed to get the charger out. This has been an issue in both Nexon EV and Tigor EV. The position of the override switch is not the best which makes it difficult for people to use when they need it.