Tata Tigor EV to get new features to match Tiago EV; Software update coming soon

Tata Motors has launched the all-new Tiago EV as its most affordable electric vehicle for the passenger car market. While the new Tiago EV has been positioned below the already-existing Tigor EV, the former gets more new features like multi-mode regeneration and cruise control, which are currently not available in the Tigor EV.

Tata Tigor EV to get new features to match Tiago EV; Software update coming soon

Tata Motors is coming up with a new software update, which will add these new features to the existing Tigor EVs used by the current owners. Also, these new features will now be offered as factory-fitted features in the updated Tigor EV, which is soon going to be introduced in the coming weeks.

According to Vivek B Srivastava, head of marketing, sales and service strategy at Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd, some of the new features seen in the Tiago EV will be offered in the Tigor EV in the coming weeks. These new features will also be rolled out for the existing owners of the Tigor EV via a software update in the next month.

Existing Tigor EVs will get a software update

For the existing owners of the Tigor EV, the controls, electronics and switches of the new features like multi-mode regeneration and cruise control will be added at the service centres via a software update. However, the addition of these features for the existing owners will not a free-of-cost affair, as they will have to pay a premium to avail of these features. Though the software update to operate these additional features will be rolled out free of cost.

Along with these new features, the updated Tigor EV will also come with a few more additional features like automatic headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, leather-wrapped steering wheel and leatherette upholstery. All these features will not be available for the existing owners and will be added to the Tigor EV as a part of a midlife update.

Currently, the Tata Tigor EV is available with a single battery pack option, which is rated at 26 kWh and claims an ARAI-certified range of 306 km. The front-mounted electric motor of the Tigor EV produces 75 hp of maximum power and 170 Nm of maximum torque.

Tata Motors updating its already-sold vehicles with new features via software update is not new, as the carmaker has previously rolled out features like cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring system and multi-mode regeneration for the existing owners of Tata Nexon EV Prime. This software update came out soon after Tata Motors launched a more premium and powerful version of the vehicle, the Nexon EV Max, a few months ago. Compared to the standard Nexon EV Prime, the Nexon EV Mac offers a more powerful electric motor and a bigger battery pack which claims a much higher range.

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