How Tata Tigor owner drove 12,500 km for free [Video]

While the Nexon EV gave Tata Motors the much-deserved push in leading the electric mobility segment in India, the Tigor EV continued the momentum with its affordable pricing and compact dimensions good for city driving. While the Tigor EV is already commanding very minimal running costs, here is a Tigor EV-owner from Ahmedabad, whose car’s running costs are almost negligible due to the solar charging system installed at his home.

In a YouTube video uploaded by PluginIndia Electric Vehicles, an Ahmedabad-based resident named Mr Samarth was interviewed for his own experience of his Tigor EV. Samarth told that he has driven almost 11,500 km in five months of his ownership of the Tigor EV. Samarth’s daily commute involves 60 km of driving, with AC switched on all the time.

In the video, he tells that he drives in the Sport mode almost 30-40 per cent of the time, and is impressed with the quick acceleration and performance of the Tigor EV. He is also impressed with the ‘style back’ coupe-like design of the Tigor.

Charges the car for free

How Tata Tigor owner drove 12,500 km for free [Video]

Samarth has a very interesting say on how he charges and runs his Tigor EV daily. The Tigor EV-ower has a 10 kW solar panel system mounted on the roof of his home, which generates 50 units per day of electricity at its peak. He claimed that his Tigor EV consumes 10 units of electricity per day produced by these solar panels.

A single charge of the battery of Tigor EV consumes 26 units of electricity, which is still significantly lower than the total electricity produced by these solar panels in a day. With this Samarth claims that running his Tigor EV daily has become free of cost, due to the free electricity produced by these solar panels.

While speaking about the positive virtues of the Tata Tigor EV, Samarth also spoke about the things which can be improved about the car, such as adding better tyres to avoid wheel spins and rear AC vents. While many users complain about the limited range offered by Tigor EV, Samarth is quite satisfied with the range which he seems is adequate for city driving.

The Tata Tigor EV made its debut in the Indian car market in 2021. Based on the regular IC-engine version of the Tigor, the Tigor EV packs in a 26 kWh battery, with which Tata Motors claims an ARAI-certified range of 306 km. The car is propelled by a front-mounted electric motor, which pumps out 75 PS of maximum power and 170 Nm of maximum torque output.

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