Tata Tigor owner has SURPRISE crash while video blogging (VIDEO)

Video-blogging, or Vlogging, as it’s commonly called, has become a huge trend suddenly. Here is a recent vlog wherein the owner of a brand-new Tata Tigor captures his Pune-Mumbai run on tape for posting it on Youtube. However, things take an unfortunate turn when he is hit by an allegedly drunk road user. The vlogger goes on to give a first-hand account of the accident in this video.

Of course, the major highlight of all this is the solid build quality that the Tigor boasts of. In spite of what seems to be a crash at good speed, there’s not much damage to the car. The Tigor has been hit at the front-right side. As can be seen in the video, the bumper, the front fender, and the headlamp have taken a beating. Even the front-right alloy wheel has suffered some minor damage. Thanks to the unnatural force on the wheel, the steering gets misaligned. However, the biggest thing to note here is that the Tigor remains considerably road-worthy, even after being involved in a pretty major crash. The engine compartment has remained intact and the car resumes its trip soon after the crash.

Tata Tigor owner has SURPRISE crash while video blogging (VIDEO)

Of course, driving a car with a misaligned steering is bothersome and even risky. Both the Tiago and the Tigor, which is essentially a compact sedan-derivative of the former, have received a lot of rave reviews for their solid build quality. And this vlog goes on the become yet another proof of this.

Once again, we would like to mention that this accident took place at good speed. Another thing that catches our attention is that the two occupants of the Tigor have escaped absolutely unhurt. The vlogger even talks about the seatbelts playing an important role in him being safe. He even insists all the car-users to always use seatbelts. Furthermore, this video is yet another example of the risks that drunk-driving poses to other road users.

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