Tata to launch Indigo Manza CS sedan with a shorter boot

Low-priced Tata Manza CS sedan in the works! Tata Motors is planning to launch Indigo Manza CS (Compact Sedan). Following the success of the Indigo CS (Compact Sedan), the company is slicing the boot off the Indigo Manza to tuck the car under 4 meters in length and benefit from excise duty sops.

The Indigo Manza is a full-sized family saloon with roomy interiors and an enormous boot. Unlike the Indica – Indigo line up, the Vista – Manza line up is far better in terms of styling and fit and finish levels. There is also speculation that the Manza CS will have a tweaked front end. However, expect very subtle changes that one would barely notice at first glance.

Tata to launch Indigo Manza CS sedan with a shorter boot
Photo: The original Tata Indigo Manza; that boot's going to be shortened

The present Tata Manza measures 4413 mm x 1703 mm x 1550 mm (length x width x height) and in order to reduce the length, the 460-litre boot has to be compromised.

But even after chopping off 413 mm from the Manza’s length, the boot space will still be more than some of the sedans available in the country today. There would not be any change in the wheelbase or any other mechanical parts and we can expect the Manza CS with its compact length to be more or if not, equally attractive as the Indigo Manza.

Currently, the Manza is powered by a 1368 cc Saffire90 petrol engine and 1248 cc Quadrajet90 diesel engine that both produce 90 PS of power. If the same engines are used in Manza CS as we expect, the power-to-weight ratio would be better and hence, there could be a slight improvement in performance as well as fuel efficiency.

However, Tata Motors may also plonk in the 71 bhp, 1.4 litre common rail diesel engine in the Manza CS which currently powers the Indigo CS. This may help the company reduce the price of the Manza CS.

At present the Tata Manza CS would have no competition. However, there is a possibility of Mahindra launching a shorter Logan in 2011. Both the cars are equally spacious and good value for money. The Logan’s 1.5 litre dCI diesel engine is its selling point. The Manza CS should gain respect in terms of contemporary heritage and a clear career history unlike the Logan. The Logan’s future has come under a cloud after the Mahindra-Renault split up.

The sales of the Tata Indigo CS have not affected the sales of Indica and Indigo because each car attracts different buyers. Further, segmentation in Tata cars is emphasized based on pricing than any other factor. Therefore, it would not be a problem for the company to slot in the Manza CS between the Vista and the full-length Manza. Expect Tata Motors to launch Indigo Manza CS with a competitive price tag during the early months of 2011.