Tata X451 premium hatchback: 4 ways the new Baleno/i20 rival could look like

After the launch of the Nexon, Tata is now concentrating on the premium hatchback segment in India. Tata is working on the X451 that will rival the likes of Maruti Baleno, Hyundai Elite i20, and Honda Jazz in India. Tata’s shift in the design language to attract more buyers is evident in their recent product launches. We have four renders to show you how the upcoming premium hatchback that is codenamed as X451 may look like. The X451 may be showcased at the 2018 Delhi Auto Expo.

European styling

Tata X451 premium hatchback: 4 ways the new Baleno/i20 rival could look like

The launch of Nexon shows how Tata can be futuristic in the styling department. After launching many hatchbacks with the Indica silhouette, Tata finally shed the ageing design with the launch of Tiago which is currently doing well in the market.

Tata’s premium hatchback may carry the Tiago DNA forward but will have signs of many premium features. As the render shows, Tata may put a sleeker headlamp set-up that is integrated to the grille similar to the Tiago set-up. The car also gets a sporty bumper and dual tone body colour.


Tata X451 premium hatchback: 4 ways the new Baleno/i20 rival could look like

Another render shows the sporty image of the Tata X451. This version gets a huge hourglass-shaped grille. The headlamps are sleek and get integrated DRLs. In this render, the X451 has no similarities with the Tiago and gets a very curvy body. The C-pillar is extremely raked and the vehicle gets a strong shoulder line too.


Tata X451 premium hatchback: 4 ways the new Baleno/i20 rival could look like

Tata Motors may just launch a bigger version of the Tiago with some premium additions on the exterior and interior. Seen here in a render how the upcoming premium hatchback may look like if Tata decides to keep it elegant and premium.

The render does not reveal the front of the vehicle but from the side, it looks very premium. The are is a strong crease that runs across the length of the vehicle starting from the A-Pillar. The C-Pillar is quite thick and makes the rear windows smaller.

Classy and premium

Tata X451 premium hatchback: 4 ways the new Baleno/i20 rival could look like

Tata may take the safer route of launching the X451 without much experimentation. Tata may launch the upcoming premium hatchback with the design inspired from the current line-up of Tata. This rendering from OD shows that the X451 may get a similar face like the Tiago but it will look very premium thanks to the DRLs and sleeker grille. Tata may also put a roof-mounted spoiler to give it a sporty touch.

What is X451?

The X451 will be the first car that will be based on the Advanced Modular Platform (AMP). It is the latest platform developed by Tata Motors that the brand has developed to lower the cost of production. The AMP will become Tata’s backbone in the future as the brand is planning to reduce the number of the platform from six to two in the future.

The X451 is expected to get futuristic design has Tata’s design teams based out of Europe and India are working on the same. The same design centres also worked on the Nexon. Even though no information about the looks of the vehicle has surfaced officially from the brand, Tata may showcase the X451 concept at the Auto Expo 2018. The launch is expected to happen in 2019. Tata is also working on a sedan that will be based on the same hatchback in the future.

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