Witness the Massive Modification Potential Tata Xenons Unleashed!

Tata Xenon has been around in the Indian market for a long time. Even though the Xenon pick-up truck is now only available for commercial buyers, there are many enthusiasts who bought it as a private vehicle. The Xenon has a massive modification potential and there many extreme modified examples of the vehicle in the international markets like Thailand. Even in India, there are quite a few modified Tata Xenons. Here are five best-modified examples of the Tata Xenon pick-ups.


Tata Xenon Modified 1

This is the most extreme modification based on the Tata Xenon in the Indian market. It gets extreme flared wheel arches that house meaty off-road tyres. The extra wide tyres also increase the width of the vehicle and make it look extremely intimidating. It also gets a new grille, new off-road spec bumpers with off-road bull bar and a 42-inch light bar on the roof. It also gets a suspension lift that further makes it look very aggressive on the road.


Xenon 3

This Tata Xenon has been modified for long hauls. The vehicle gets a fabric canopy over the flatbed that can be used as a tent. To make it more capable, it gets bigger, off-road spec tyres, off-roading bumper with a mechanical winch attached to it. The vehicle also gets aftermarket headlamps and extra lamps mounted on the roof-carrier. There is also a snorkel that can make it go deep in the water.

Full cover

Xenon 1

The Tata Xenon is a long vehicle, thanks to its flatbed. This vehicle has covered the rear flatbed completely with a steel canopy. There are even windows in the canopy that makes the vehicle look like a big and badass SUV. Other changes in the vehicle include aftermarket chrome alloy wheels and flared wheel arches. The vehicle also gets aftermarket grille, headlamps and a body kit that completely changes the look of the vehicle. It is quite difficult for the non-enthusiasts to figure the vehicle at first look.

Mad off-roader

Xenon 2

The Tata Xenon came with 4X4 with a low-ratio transfer case. To make it even more capable off-the-road, this vehicle has been given a complete overhaul. It gets a lift kit that increases the ground clearance of the vehicle. There are now mud-terrain tyres on it and aftermarket off-road spec steel bumper in the front that gets integrated bullbar. It also gets aftermarket lamps that can be very useful during the nigh trails. The vehicle also gets a canopy that covers the flatbed of the vehicle, adding more covered space to the vehicle.


Tata Xenon looks quite badass in its stock form but this is a step ahead. The vehicle gets aftermarket headlamp with projectors in it. The blacked out headlamps add a new look to the pick-up. Even the grille of the vehicle has been replaced with an aftermarket off-road bumper and an integrated bullbar that gets fabric concealer. The pick-up also gets flared wheel arches with off-road spec tyres and a canopy that covers the flatbed. It gets a wide LED lamp mounted on the roof too.