Tata’s new TVC features Nexon EV, Tiago, Tigor, Punch, Altroz, Safari and Harrier

Tata Motors has launched a new commercial advertisement to promote its range of passenger vehicles with a ‘new forever’ marketing approach. The video showcases all the vehicles from Tata Motors, including its all-electric models, and has been released on the company’s social media channels.

The advertisement starts by featuring three of Tata Motors’ compact offerings – Tiago, Tigor, and Nexon – being driven together. In a few seconds, the all-electric versions of these three cars enter the scene and are seen being driven alongside their ICE-powered counterparts.

The next scene highlights three sub-four metre offerings by Tata Motors – Punch, Altroz, and Nexon – drifting on a barren ground to create a pattern of five stars. These cars have scored a commendable five-star rating in the Global NCAP crash tests, and the video emphasizes this achievement by Tata Motors.

The next visual showcases off-roading clips of Tata Punch, which gets dirty after being driven aggressively over muddy and dusty terrains. In the following scene, the Punch is washed by water splashes made by a Tata Safari entering the scene, parked over a low-running stream. The video then features the Safari and its five-seater counterpart Harrier being driven together over a smooth patch of tarmac in their recently-launched Red Dark edition versions.

Tata’s EV range

The final visual showcases all three currently-available all-electric models – Tiago EV, Tigor EV, and Nexon EV – being driven through a lush green forest, highlighting the possibility of a greener and cleaner environment with Tata Motors’ all-electric range of cars. The video concludes with the entire range of cars, starting from Tiago to Safari, including all-electric models, being driven side-by-side over the barren ground.

In recent years, Tata Motors has revamped its entire lineup of cars and SUVs, which has led to a much higher market share than before. The company’s emphasis on safety ratings earned in Global NCAP crash tests has also contributed to its success. The turnaround of fortunes for Tata Motors started with the arrival of Tiago and Tigor, followed by sub-four-metre offerings like Altroz and Nexon and midsize SUVs like Harrier and Safari. With the Punch, Tata Motors has pioneered a new niche of micro-SUVs, which has caught the attention of other carmakers like Citroen and Hyundai.

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