Tea-selling start-up gifts employees Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS cars

Teaboy, a city-based beverage start-up that sells various kinds of tea has rewarded its employees with brand-new Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS for their contribution in building the business and company. Three employees received their respective new cars by the Suresh Sambandam, SEO of Kissflow.

Tea-selling start-up gifts employees Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS cars

Teaboy CEO and founder Joseph Rajesh said that the three employees joined him back in 2019 for developing the start-up. The start-up now has 410 outlets. Joseph said that it is a small gesture to celebrate their success.

The new Grand i10 NIOS undergoes numerous changes that give the car a fresh and updated appearance. Starting with the front end, the car now features projector headlamps, retaining their familiar shape. Hyundai has made tweaks to the bumper and relocated the LED DRLs, which are now integrated into the bumper in a tri-arrow design. Additionally, the radiator grille receives a bold new look, with an enlarged size compared to the previous model.

Inside the cabin, the new Grand i10 NIOS receives a plethora of updates. The changes include a new grey upholstery for the seats, creating a dual-tone and premium ambiance. The leather-wrapped steering wheel adds to the sophisticated feel, while ambient lighting illuminates the footwell gracefully. Hyundai has also introduced premium touches by incorporating metal finishes on the interior door handles.

Kissflow CEO gifted BMW 5-Series

Tea-selling start-up gifts employees Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS cars

While we are not sure about the relation between TeaBoy and Kissflow, the CEO of KissFlow, which is a SaaS company based in Chennai gifted the Grand i10 NIOS hatchbacks to the employees of TeaBoy. Last year, five Kissflow employees received BMW 5-Series sedans for showing loyalty to the company.

During the company’s tenth-anniversary celebrations of their flagship ‘no-code’ work management product, Kissflow, a special ceremony took place to hand over BMW cars to five deserving employees. Each of the recipients was gifted a luxurious BMW 530d sedan, valued at nearly Rs 80 lakh.

The Founder of Kissflow, Suresh Sambandam, personally presented the blue and black colored BMW 5-Series sedans to the five senior executives in recognition of their outstanding contributions. The esteemed recipients are Prasanna Rajendran (Vice President), Dinesh Varadharajan (Chief Product Officer), Kausikram Krishnasayee (Director of Product Management), Vivek Madurai (Director of Engineering), and Adhi Ramanathan (Director of Engineering).

Notably, this gesture of rewarding employees with lavish vehicles is reminiscent of Savji Dholakia, a Gujarati diamond merchant, who used to gift thousands of cars to his employees before the pandemic. Over the years, he has gifted around 500 Fiat Puntos, 1,260 cars from Maruti and Datsun, and 1,200 units of Datsun redi-GO. For senior employees, he chose the Mercedes-Benz GLS as a special gift.

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