Teacher hits student with Hyundai Venue and parades him on the bonnet for 10 km [Video]

victim on Venue's bonnet

Road rage incidents have become a very common occurrence in the news. We encounter such incidents almost every day, which is quite worrisome. Here, we have another incident being reported from Punjab, where a personal enmity between a teacher and a student escalated to such an extent that the teacher hit the student with his car. After the collision, the student was tossed on the bonnet of his car and drove through the city for approximately 10 kilometers. The video of the incident has already surfaced online.

The video of this horrific incident was shared by Nikhil Choudhary on X (formerly Twitter). The video was actually captured by CCTV cameras installed on the road and outside shops. The exact location of this incident is said to be the Sultanpur Lodhi area of Kapurthala, Punjab. In the video, we see a Hyundai Venue speeding through narrow roads. What is unusual about this SUV is that there is a person hanging onto the windshield of the SUV.

According to reports that have surfaced online, this incident took place on October 26. The victim, Harmanpreet, a student studying for IELTS, was struck by a speeding Hyundai Venue. The car was driven by Baljinder Singh, who is reportedly a teacher by profession. After the car hit the student, Baljinder Singh did not stop the car. The student was thrown into the air and landed on the bonnet of the car. The teacher continued to drive the car with the boy on the bonnet for almost 10 kilometers.

Teacher hits student with Hyundai Venue and parades him on the bonnet for 10 km [Video]
victim on Venue’s bonnet

Baljinder Singh is said to have a criminal history, with other cases already registered against him. The exact reason why he treated the student in this manner is not known. Harmanpreet was injured in the accident and was later admitted to a local government hospital for treatment. In the video, we can see that the student was holding onto the roof and the windshield of the SUV for dear life. It is unclear whether the student jumped off the SUV to escape or if locals intervened to end this brutality.

All of this took place in broad daylight, making it even more terrifying. We can see other vehicles on the road, and if Harmanpreet were to fall onto the road, the chances of him sustaining head injuries or being hit by another vehicle were very high. This is not the first time we have seen anything like this. There have been several cases in Delhi NCR where car drivers drove with traffic cops on the bonnet. In most cases, the driver was trying to escape a fine, which only led to more trouble.

According to reports, the police have not yet arrested the culprit. The police are currently investigating the matter and have also reviewed the CCTV footage in the area. Meanwhile, the accused has admitted himself to a hospital, alleging that close relatives and friends of the victim attacked him after the incident and also broke his car’s windshield.