Meet the teenaged Indian girl who drives a 50 year-old vintage Land Rover

Land Rover recently re-introduced the Defender in the global markets including India and it has gained some major popularity. The Land Rover Series, the first off-road-spec from the British brand is an iconic vehicle and it has been around for decades. The first Land Rover Series 1 has launched over 70 years ago. They became a pioneer in off-roading and ruggedness. While there are not many working examples of the Land Rover Series 1 present in India, there is one that is driven by a young teenager.

This is a Land Rover Series 1 and it is one of the oldest models from the British luxury car manufacturer. A teenage girl has been using this vehicle for a long time now. We are not sure if the girl has a valid driving license but since she is not taking the vehicle to public roads, it is not illegal. Anyone can drive a vehicle without a driving license, however, it should be done on private properties like a race track or a farmhouse.

As the video shows, this vehicle is not in its prime condition. There are a few places where the rust is eating away the body of this vehicle. Rust can be a silent danger to your vehicle and it makes the body very weak and ruins it forever. Also, this does not get powered by the original engine.

The details in the video reveal that this Land Rover Series 1 is powered by a diesel engine from Mahindra Bolero. The original Series 1 only came with gasoline engine options. That is why this vehicle sounds so different from the original Series 1 in stock condition.

Land Rover Series I

The Land Rover Series I, II and III are simply known as Land Rover Series but the numbers were added to distinguish between the models. The vehicles were developed by the British Rover Company and they entered production in 1948. The vehicles were inspired by the American Jeep brand, however, Land Rover’s design made them unique. In fact, the Land Rovers were the first mass-production civilian off-road-spec vehicles that had doors on them.

The Land Rover vehicles were the first of many. In the early 1950s, Land Rover extended the wheelbase of the vehicle to offer the world’s first four-door, 4X4, off-road spec vans. In India, the Land Rover Series I and the Defenders are very popular in the North-East part of the country and Darjeeling, West Bengal.

Locals who own the old Land Rovers use it to earn money by plying them as cabs. However, the number of such vehicles has come down drastically in recent times. It is mostly due to the maintenance and the lack of spare parts of these vehicles. Probably that’s why the Land Rover Series I above is powered by a Bolero diesel engine. However, there are still many who have the original stock vehicle in pristine condition in India.