Telangana DGP owes traffic fines of Rs. 7,000: Hyderabad Traffic Police issue clarification

Police department across all Indian states have started relying on technolgies to keep a track on crimes and rule violations. There are CCTV cameras installed in various parts of the city to keep a check on such violations. Along with this, they are also active on social media platforms as well. Usually, cops issue challans on the basis of pictures videos of a traffic rule violation. This time around tweet has surfaced online were a person has posted an screenshot where it shows that Telangana DGP (Director General of Police) has not cleared his pending traffic challans.

The twitter user Teenmar Mallanna posted on Twitter asking how can the authorities can ask people to follow the rules when senior officials in the police department itself are not following it. As per the screenshot, Telangana Director General of Police M Mahendar Reddy has not cleared traffic challans amounting to Rs 6,945. The tweet along with the screenshot soon went viral on the internet and Telangana police soon came with a clarification too. According to Hyderabad Traffic Piolice, all vehicles that are used in police department are registered under the name of DGP of Telangana.

The department clarified that the outstanding due or pending challans have all been cleared by the concerned officer. The post showed screenshot of the challans against the vehicle TS 09 PA 1234 which was registered in the name of Telangana DGP. The screensot shows that the car was fined for over speeding and tinted glass. After the tweet went viral, Telangana State Police Department came forward with clarification and said that since 2018, police officers in the state have cleared total 11,601 pending challans and paid fine amount of Rs. 28,85,640/- to the Traffic Police. Not only police department but, even the state transport corporation – TSRTC has been regularly paying fines to the department.

The TSRTC had cleared off all pending challans in April this year by paying Rs 15 lakh. The official statement said, “The fact that we are imposing Challans on police and other Govt. vehicles clearly demonstrates that we are fining/enforcing against all category of vehicles.” The state police department issued the official statement on their official twitter page.

Police vehicles flounting rules on Indians roads is not an uncommon sight. This is not the first time, we are hearing such a news from Telangana. Few years ago, Hyderabad Police had issued a traffic fine after a journalist tweeted a photo of the police commissioner’s Toyota  Fortuner being parked in a no-parking area. With the social media becoming a part of our lives, police departments have active pages on them. People can directly report any complaint online if they come across any violations like in this case.

The good thing about this method is that most of these pages are active and are public. People see these posts and the department is left with no other option but to take action against them. That is what exactly has happened in this case as well. The tweet went so viral that the department had to come forward with an official statement.