Telangana man ties Maruti Alto to avoid it from getting washed away in flash flood

Flooding is common in many parts of India during the monsoons. Climate change in recent years have exacerbated the flooding problem, especially with flash floods causing widespread damage in short periods of time. A similar flash flood hit the Sircilla district of Telangana recently, and these floods saw many cars getting washed away. Faced with this situation, a Maruti Alto 800 came up with an innovative solution to prevent his car from being washed away in the flood. Here, take a look at this video.

As the video indicates, the Maruti Alto 800 owner has tied his car with ropes on multiples ends to prevent it from getting washed away in the flood. The Maruti Alto 800 owner has secured the car to pillars on his home’s higher floors. While the car is still in a bit of water, it’s now more secure as the flood can’t wash it away. When a car gets washed away in a flood, it gets badly damaged when it hits other objects. Eventually, the car sinks in the flood water, rendering it unusable. Insurance companies usually write off such cars as ‘total loss’.

While the Maruti Alto 800 that’s tied to the house won’t be washed away, it could still face quite a bit of electrical damage if the battery’s still connected to it. We hope that the owner has removed the battery of the car to prevent an electrical short circuit. While the owner could have lifted the car to avoid this issue through the same ropes, it may not have been feasible given the circumstances. In times of flooding, it’s best that cars are parked in areas where water does not stagnate. We’ve even seen people park their cars on flyovers to prevent flood damage.

Telangana man ties Maruti Alto to avoid it from getting washed away in flash flood

What should you do when faced with a car stuck in a flood?

  1. If you still happen to be in the car when the flood waters are rising, get out of the car. Don’t worry about the car, it’ll be covered by insurance. Also, this is yet another reminder for you to have a solid insurance policy for your car as such flooding is quite frequent these days.
  2. If you’re in a safe place – like say your house – and find that flood waters are rising, you could move your car to higher ground if possible. However, you must do this only if you sure of the terrain, and if there’s enough time to get the car onto higher ground.
  3. If you’re unable to move your car to higher ground, disconnect the battery terminals. This will minimize chances of electrical accessories short circuiting.
  4. Do NOT attempt to start the car after the flood waters are receded. Get the car towed to a service center that’s equipped to deal with flood affected cars.