Telangana youth buys 3 lakh rupee KTM sportsbike with 112 bags of 1 rupee coins [Video]

In a rather weird sequence of events the salesmen at the KTM dealership of Mancherial, Telangana found themselves in a bit of a pickle when a Youtuber showed up at their doors to buy their sports bike with all one rupee coins. Yes, you heard it right! A young boy by the name of Venkatesh who resides in the same district of Mancherial came to the KTM dealership with a mini tempo pickup filled with 112 bags of one Rupee coins. Venkatesh after going back and forth with the sales personnel in the showroom finally paid the sum of Rs 2.85 lakh in all 1 Rs coins and took the delivery of his dream sports bike.

The student of the polytechnic program shared this entire experience on his personal Youtube channel VILLAN MAMA GAMING. The Youtuber in his video claimed that it took him a month to accumulate the money and that he had saved approximately 40,000 coins since childhood. He revealed that the remaining funds were then exchanged at banks.

He further explained that the showroom employees were originally hesitant to take the bags of coins as payment, but they quickly accepted after learning about the man’s enthusiasm for sports bikes. Venkatesh had been saving for a long time to buy the bike, and his tenacity led the KTM dealership personnel to wait half a day to count the coins and ultimately accept the payment.

The rare occasion of buying a sports bike with all coins also captured the attention of mainstream local media and because of which a reporter along with a cameraman came to broadcast this occurrence. In the YouTube we can see Venkatesh giving an interview to the news channel correspondent who explains the camera about the incredible feat going on in the showroom.

Telangana youth buys 3 lakh rupee KTM sportsbike with 112 bags of 1 rupee coins [Video]

For Indians doing something of this sort is not that new and in a similar occurrence of buying a vehicle with coins, an individual from Rudrapur, whose name remains unknown, paid Rs 50,000 entirely in hard coins to make a payment at the time of purchasing a new TVS Jupiter. The person arrived with 5,000 Rs 10 coins for a total payment of Rs 50,000, after which the official at the approved TVS store began counting those coins. A video of the entire episode, which included Rs 10 coins arranged in bundles and the representative counting them, went viral on social media platforms, capturing the attention of many users.

Prior to the Jupiter incident, another individual from Tamil Nadu did something similar in June of this year. A gentleman by the name of Vetrivel purchased a brand new Maruti Suzuki Eeco from an authorized Maruti Suzuki dealership with a bag full of Rs 10 coins, totaling Rs 6 lakh. According to Vetrivel, he took the unprecedented step of purchasing a new automobile with Rs 10 coins out of exasperation. He stated that as his mother ran a grocery store where she collected a large amount of these Rs 10 coins but because of some unknown reason other customers refused to accept Rs 10 coins.

He said he even took the coins to the Reserve Bank Of India office, but they also ignored him and said they would not be able to count these many coins and thus deposit in his account. So after getting frustrated he decided to buy a car with his 60,000 Rs 10 coins. He had to convince the dealership manager but just like Venakatesh he also managed to get the manager to accept the payment.