This Indian couple built their own home-on-wheels

Van life or camper vans have started to become popular among people in India. This is a concept that flourished due to the pandemic as people were not ready to take any risk by checking in to hotels and wanted a private space for themselves. Several YouTubers and other travelers have opted for this options and videos for the same are available online. Here we have a video of an Indian couple who has customised their campervan like their home.

The video has been uploaded by caravan bharat on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shows all the customisations that are made to the van. They start with the kitchen first. A stove top has been installed in the kitchen area and a large sink is right next to it. All the work that is seen inside the van was actually couple’s idea and they hired professionals to execute their ideas.

The sink has a lid to it when not in use and water purifier and the tap water supply is also there. The kitchen counter can be extended to increase the work area if needed. The co-passenger seat at the front can be rotate 180 degree and the there is a seat behind the driver as well. Then video then shows all the counters and how they came up with ideas to manage space. The spice bottles are all stuck to the top of the counter so that they don’t roll around when the van is in motion. Similarly the cereal boxes are also placed in such a manner.

This Indian couple built their own home-on-wheels

The gas cylinder is placed below the sink and there is a decent sized refrigerator in the lower compartment. After that, the video shows the bed. The couple actually came up with an idea of an bunk bed which can be lowered or raised depending upon the use. If they don’t have many people in the van, the upper bed is lifted to the maximum height creating more room for the people in the lower berth. By rearranging the cushions in the bed, the same area can be used as a dining table as well.

Even the lower berth has storage compartments. A television is places on one of the walls and below that, the couple keeps pantry items. One of the main feature of this campervan is the toilet. According to the video, this is an electric toilet that is capable of recycling water which makes more especially while you are on the road. The toilet also doubles up as bathroom and there is a sunroof to give the bathroom an airy feel. Another duct is seen next to it which is actually a exhaust to get all the air inside the van out.

An air conditioner unit has also been installed in the van and water heater along with solar panels are installed on the roof. The owner who is seen in the video can be heard saying that their van can easily accommodate up to 6 people and they have tried and tested the same thing. Overall, the campervan looks pretty neat and practical.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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