Ten dangers on India’s roads that can get you into an accident, or worse, get you killed!

Indian roads are deemed to be the most dangerous roads in the world. According to data submitted by the Indian states for accidents, the Indian roads have seen 400 deaths per day in 2015. The conditions of the Indian roads are not improving. Almost the similar figures continue in 2016 too. Here are 10 things that can get you killed the next time you hit the road. Just stay safe!



Even though Indian government is spending a lot on building new roads and highways, the condition of the current highways is becoming treacherous with each passing day. One major issue on the Indian roads is potholes. The potholes develop during the rainy seasons or continuous use of the road by heavy vehicles like trucks.

The potholes develop into major death traps on the highways. Vehicles doing high speed on highways hit such potholes and often overturn. Occupants in such vehicle can be killed instantly or may face severe injuries for life.

Stray Cattle


Indian roads are infested with stray animals. Most of the densely populated Indian cities have a huge population of cattle, dogs, and other pastures in form of sheep and goats. The animals often sit in the middle of the road in the night causing a major threat to motorists.

Cattle which are bigger in size pose the biggest threat. They can’t be detected early because they do not reflect much light. At high speeds, hitting such animals can be life threatening. We often read about motorists running into cattle and sustaining fatal injuries and one should very, very careful while driving on highways especially at night.

Avoid drivers who don’t use Mirrors

mirrors closed

Mirrors in a car are very essential. They let drivers see what is behind them and maneuver on the road safely. Always avoid drivers who do not use mirrors while driving.

Such drivers can turn or change lanes suddenly without noticing the vehicles behind them and can cause major accidents. Always keep a safe distance from such cars and make your presence known by using pass switch or horn.

Overloaded vehicles


Overloaded vehicles, especially trucks are a ticking time bomb on the road. With the extra weight, such vehicles have less stopping power because of the greater momentum. Always stay away from heavy vehicles on the road.

You should never brake hard in front of such vehicles. The reduced stopping power may force them to run into your car. Also, overweight vehicle poses a great threat of turning over due to disproportionate weight.

High beams


Use of high beams on single lane highways and roads can be very dangerous. The high beam from opposite side can temporarily blind you. Such naive behaviour of the drivers using high beam can kill motorists on the road.

The blinding high beam can distract people and may cause them to run into other vehicles or objects like electricity poles. Never look directly into a high beam, it will further worsen the problem.

Wrong side

Wrong Way

Indian motorists love shortcuts. Most of the Indian motorists would rather take the wrong side if they feel that the distance is marginally less. Such vehicles on the wrong side of the road become the reason behind massive accidents.

Few motorists from this breed of wrong-side driving also drive on the right most lane of the highway. A head-on collision with such vehicles can be fatal and you should always stay alerted to avoid such vehicles on the road.

Avoid Tail gaters


The tailgaters drive too close to the vehicle at high-speed. Such vehicles do not keep a safe distance and can crash if you brake in an emergency situation. Tailgaters do not get time to react quickly and can crash into your car causing severe life threatening injuries. Avoid such tailgaters at any cost and let them pass you to be safe on the road.



Aquaplaning occurs mostly during the rainy season. If you hit a patch of stagnant water on the road at high speed, it may cause your tyre to lift from the road and make your vehicle out of control. Aquaplaning may happen because of poor tyre conditions or too much speed on a wet road. The tyre cannot displace water in time and it starts to float making the car go out of control.

If you see a wet patch on the road, always slow down. The wet patch can also be spilled oil from other vehicles and that too can prove to be equally dangerous.

Stationary/broken down vehicles on the highways

Many vehicles casually stop on the side of the highways. Such vehicle can cause major accidents. At high speed, it is difficult to notice a vehicle that is parked on the side. Mostly, vehicles with punctures, buses or breakdown vehicles stop on the side of the highway.

Vehicles that stop and do not have their hazard lamps on or they don’t put the hazard triangle to warn the other motorists. Many motorists crash into vehicles that are parked on the side and receive very severe injuries.

Objects on the road

Broken Divider

Always keep an eye on the road of broken divider parts or stones. Dividers often get hit by big vehicles and the debris gets scattered on the road. Such debris can cause heavy damage to your vehicle and can also kill you by causing tyre burst.

The stones from the dividers are big enough to even flip your car that can cause injuries that can kill you. Also keep an eye for other objects like big tyre shreds on the road.