10 electric scooters in India with maximum kilometers per charge

India’s aim to become an all-electric nation by 2030 is a big talk around the automotive fraternity around the world. Currently, there are only two fully-electric cars on sale, but there are many more electric bikes that you can buy. The most important aspect of an electric scooter or bike, for most people, is the rising range on a charge. How many kilometers can a scooter go, after several hours of charging? Can you get back without another charge from where you go?

Here are the scooters with the highest range that are available in the Indian market.

Hero Electric Wave

Range: 100 km, Price: Rs. 54,454

The Hero Electric Wave is available in two variants. The DX EM variant of the scooter offers the highest range among all the electric scooters available in India. The scooter gets powered by 33 Ah 48V battery that produces a maximum of 250W or 0.33 Bhp.

It is driven by a Brushless Direct Current Hub motor that can push the scooter to up to 25 km/h. It gets a speedometer, odometer and a battery gauge. There is also an anti-theft alarm system. The scooter takes about 7-8 hours to charge completely. Hero claims that the battery will need a replacement in 2 years and will cost Rs. 20,000.

Okinawa Ridge

Range: 80 km, Price: 48,443

The scooter comes from the manufacturer based in Gurgaon and is the only offering from the brand. The Okinawa Ridge gets 24 Ah 60V battery that takes 4-6 hours to charge completely. The scooter can do 80 km on a full charge and can speed up to 55 km/h, and it is powered by an 800W motor.

It also gets fast charge option that can charge the battery to up to a certain level in 1-2 hours from zero. The scooter gets a telescopic front suspension and tubeless tyres.

Hero Electric E-Sprint

Range: 80 km, Price: Rs. 39,190

The sleek looking scooter from Hero Motors is for people who want a fast scooter. The E-Sprint is powered by 48V 33 AH battery that takes the scooter to up to 80 km on a full charge.

It takes up to 8 hours to charge fully and does not gets a fast charge option.  The E-Sprint can go up to 45 km/h and is powered by a 1 Bhp electric motor.

Hero Electric Photon

Range: 80 km, Price: 42,990

The Photon looks like a regular scooter and does not get typical electric scooter looks. The scooter comes with a 1500 watt or 2 Bhp electric motor that can take it to up to 45 km/h.

The scooter is powered by 72 V, 24 Ah battery that takes about 8-9 hours to charge completely. There is no fast charge option. Hero says that the scooter will need battery replacement every two years that costs Rs. 20,000.

Indus Yo EXL

Range: 75 km, Price: Rs. 50,171

Yo Bikes were one of the first brands to offer electric bikes in India. The Yo EXL is powered by a 40 Ah maintenance free battery that powers a 1000 W electric motor. The battery takes about 6-8 hours to charge completely, and there is no fast charge option. The Yo EXL looks very matured and gives a big scooter feeling.

Hero Electric Optima Plus

Range: 70 km, Price: 49,188

Hero Electric offers the Optima in two variants – standard and the DX Li. Both the versions are powered by the same 48V 20 Ah battery that takes up to 7-8 hours to charge completely. On a full charge, the Optima Plus scooter can go up to 70 km. It gets a 250W or 0.30 bhp electric motor. The battery replacement time and cost remain same as the other Hero scooters.

Indus Yo Electron ER

Range: 70 km, Price: Rs.37,653

The Indus Yo Electron a lightweight scooter that can run up to 70 km on a single charge. It weighs less than 84 kg and is powered by a 750W motor that can take to up to 25 km/h. It gets 48V 24 Ah battery that takes up to 7-8 hours to charge completely from zero percent.

Hero Electric Cruz

Range: 70 km, Price: 37,390

The Electric Cruz gets a retro design with an oval headlamp. The Electric Cruz gets dual body colour and looks good. It is powered by Lithium Ion 48 V 20 Ah battery that takes less time to charge than the conventional batteries. It can go up to 70 km on a full charge and is powered by a 250W, 0.30 Bhp engine. The battery takes 4-6 hours to charge completely, and the scooter can achieve a top speed of 25 km/h.

Hero Electric Maxi

Range: 70 km, Price: 41,873

The Maxi gets big scooter looks popularly known as Maxi scooters in the foreign markets. It is powered by a 250W or 0.30 electric motor that uses a 48 V 20 Ah battery. The battery takes up to 8 hours to charge completely, but there is no fast charge option.

Hero Electric NYX

Range: 70 km, Price: 41,946

The NYX is a wide scooter aimed to provide a comfortable ride. It also gets telescopic forks at the front. It gets the same 48 V, 20 Ah battery that powers a 250W motor. The scooter can do up to 70 km on a single full charge and go up to 25 km/h. The battery takes about 7-8 hours.