TEN game changing bikes of 2016

The Indian 2-wheeler market has seen a lot of turbulence during 2016, but there have been many exciting launches as well. While some new launches were mere updates of older models, there has been many motorcycles that changed the market scenario completely. Here are 10 game changers of 2016.

First budget adventure bike

Royal Enfield Himalayan

TEN game changing bikes of 2016The Himalayan has been a major game changer for India. The motorcycle started an all-new segment of budget adventure touring in the country. The Himalayan has been a major hit in the market with many long distance tourers preferring the motorcycle because of its practical design.The adventure bike comes with 220 mm of ground clearance.

The adventure bike comes with 220 mm of ground clearance. It is powered by an all-new LS410 engine that develops 24.5 BHP and 32 Nm. The split cradle, half duplex frame makes the motorcycle more agile. Also, the Himalayan gets disc brakes at both the wheels. Also, it comes with an high-end console with digital compass.

First, affordable sport cruiser of India

Bajaj Dominar 400

TEN game changing bikes of 2016

Bajaj launched the much-awaited Dominar 400 in India recently. The motorcycle based on the KTM 390 Duke is truly a game changer because of its unique styling. Unlike the 390 Duke, which is a street bike, the Dominar 400 is targeted at the long-distance riders. The motorcycle comes with a low-slung seat with a single-piece handlebar that provides upright seating posture.

The motorcycle also comes with the first-ever all-LED headlamp set-up that makes it really unique. It is powered by a 373.3cc engine derived from the 390 Duke but the power is retuned to 34.5 BHP and 35 Nm. The Dominar gets best of both cruiser motorcycle and a sporty street-naked motorcycle making it one of its kind segment starter in the country. The price of the Dominar starts at just Rs. 1.36 lakh for the non-ABS and Rs. 1.5 lakh for the ABS version.

Restarting the ‘pocket bike’ culture

Honda Navi

TEN game changing bikes of 2016

The launch of the Navi changed the perspective of the Indian market towards pocket bikes. The mini motorcycle has become really famous among the youngsters because of its funky looks. The Navi is based on the Honda Activa but the popularity of the product has made sure that India sees more such products in the future. The Navi also comes with a host of customisation option that can be something offered by the competing manufacturers in the future too.

Sporty budget scooter

Aprilia SR150

TEN game changing bikes of 2016

Now who would have thought that one can buy an Aprilia branded 2-wheeler under the price of Rs. 1 lakh in India? Aprilia launched the SR150 targeted at the young riders of the country and styled the product very aggressively. The scooter gets large 14-inch alloy wheels and a large disc brake at the front wheel. It also gets telescopic forks at front.

Powering the scooter is a 150cc, single-cylinder engine with 3-valves that develop 11.4 BHP-11.5Nm. The scooter is also made in India which keeps the cost as low as Rs. 65,000 (ex-showroom). The SR150 has proved that Indian market does not always look for comfort and fuel efficiency, sometimes, the market responds very well to performance and styling too.

India’s first electric motorcycle

Tork T6X

TEN game changing bikes of 2016

The Tork T6X is truly a revolution starter in the Indian market. We have seen fully electric scooters like Yo Bikes and Hero electric in the market but this is the first time that a fully electric motorcycle has been launched in the country. Priced at Rs. 1.25 lakh, the Tork T6X is completely made in India. The electric bike gets cloud connectivity and smart phone support making it really futuristic.

The motorcycle gets a 6 kW lithium-ion battery pack that produces a maximum of 27 Nm from the start. The motorcycle can go up to a top speed of 100 km/h and gets a range of 100 km on full charge. The manufacturer has also set-up various charging stations for the quick charging of the motorcycle around Pune, and will soon launch the bike in other cities of the country.

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