Ten bad habits that will ruin your car

Ten bad habits that will ruin your car

For most people, a car is an aspirational product which gives them the ‘ I’ve arrived in life’ feeling. But buying a car isn’t the tough part, maintaining it is . Most people don’t bother about their car and end up ruining their car. Here are the habits you should avoid if you don’t want your car to get ruined.

Starting the car with the AC or Stereo


The starter motor takes energy from the battery to start the car. A lot of effort from the battery goes into this. Keeping the AC or the stereo on while starting the car will only add to the load on the battery. In the long run, it will result in your battery dying faster than it should.

Driving fast with a cold engine

cold engine

Mostly everyone begins pushing their car from the moment they turn it on. That’s highly unadvisable. You should ideally idle your car for 30 seconds to a minute before setting off, especially in cold weather conditions. When the car has been parked for a while, all the oils (engine/transmission/brake/etc) are cold. Also, the oil isn’t being circulated in the system, which means your engine is running without lubrication. It takes time for the oil to circulate through the system and come up to temperature. Accelerating hard when you just start the car means that the engine is working extra hard with minimum lubrication. That can only result in excessive wear & tear.

Delaying regular maintenance


There is a reason why car manufacturers have a service schedule. While a car is being designed, a lot of research goes into the life of the parts being used. After that research is done, a service schedule is setup. Delaying regular service for a prolonged time could lead to excessive wear & tear and could even cause you to get stranded by the side of the road.

A normal service includes changing of the oils and the filters. To keep your car running smooth, we suggest getting these changed on time. Other parts depend on your driving and their condition.

Ignoring dashboard warning lamps

warning lamps

So, you’re driving and an error lamp pops up on the instrument cluster. What should you do? Pull up to the side of the road, open the owners-manual and check what the error is. It could be a minor error like a bulb that isn’t working, or could even be something as major as not having engine oil in the engine. DO NOT ignore the warning lamps. They come on only for a reason.

Jerky driving


Everyone loves the thrill of accelerating fast when the light turns green & then waiting for last moment to brake to carry as much speed as possible. Though this may be very enjoyable, but it will cause harm to your car. If you intend on keeping your car for a short period of time, this won’t matter much, however in the long run, it is going to cause excessive wear in the engine, transmission & other components.