Ten mistakes genuine car guys NEVER make

There are a bunch of people to whom cars are a priority in their life & they never do these following mistakes. So if you consider yourself a car guy, ensure you don’t make theses mistakes.

Revving a cold engine

cold engine

When you just start a car, the engine oil takes time to circulate through the system & the engine takes time to come up to temperature. Till the engine comes up to temperature, the chances of wear & tear are higher due to excess friction caused by reduced lubrication. Revving a car on a cold engine puts a lot of unnecessary stress on the engine & causes accelerated wear. This will also ruin the engine in the long run.

Not pressing the handbrake button

hand brake

Pulling the handbrake without pressing the button makes a very bad noise. Car guys press the lever and pull the hand brake so that they don’t have to hear the screeching noise. Though not doing so doesn’t cause wear & tear, it still is an annoying sound to contend with.

Improper use of hazard lamps


This is a phenomena which is commonly seen on Indian roads. People tend to put on their hazard lamps when it starts to rain excessively or when they are going through a tunnel. That is complete stupidity. The actual use of the hazard lamp is to indicate a stationary vehicle parked or broken down on a main road. It is to warn drivers that the car ahead is stationary.

Not dimming high beam

high beam

Most drivers in India are an inconsiderate lot. They have their high beams on all the time. This is very irritating for other road users. If the road is unlit, there is no alternative to using high beam. However on spotting an oncoming car, the high beam is to be dipped so that it doesn’t irritate the guy coming at you. Even if you are behind someone, there is no need to be on high beam.

Not checking mirrors

mirror shut

Some people in India keep their mirrors shut to prevent them from getting damaged. Others switch lanes without even looking at them. If you consider yourself a car guy, you will always check your rear view mirror to make sure that there is enough room to make the lane change.

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