Us car guys do have a lot of quirks that only other car guys would understand. To others it may sound stupid & absurd, but that’s how it is with us. Here are ten such things that others may call quirks.

Possessive about the keys

car possessive

This is something every car guy is rigid about and is also something that will end up getting you in a lot of trouble. So what do you do when a close friend asks you to hand the keys of your car? He’s a good driver but you cringe at the thought of someone else driving your ride. Even if the guy is very passionate & is an exceptional driver, handing the keys over to anyone else is a very tough job.  To a car guy his car is his most prized possession, so to expect a non-car guy to understand that is tough.  Personally, i can’t even hand over the car to a valet & choose to park myself.

Cleanliness freaks

car clean

Have you heard of OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder)? If you are a car guy or know one, you certainly know what this entails. A car guy may not have a clean house or be dressed well, but one thing is for sure that his car will always look its best. They are also the sort of people who can spend hours on getting the best possible shine from the car & acutally unwind by cleaning their own car. Cleaning for hours just to see ‘her’ sparkle, that’s what a car nut would do.

Always wants the right parking spot


Every car nut has his criteria on parking. To a non-car person, any spot that would fit his car is a good enough one. But if you’re a car guy, chances are that your passengers are going to get pissed off with the number of parking slots you leave, just to find the perfect one. We hate it when people park too close to our car, lean on the car or graze past it while walking. So we choose a spot such that the car remains well protected.

Car consultant

car buying

If you are obsessive about your car, everyone in your family will know about it since they would have to deal with your quirks at some point in time. So you’ll be their go to guy when they need any sort of car related advice. Be ready to spend hours on end trying to explain why a particular car is better than any other or help diagnosing a problem. Here’s where you can show off all the knowledge you have and make yourself feel proud.

Maintains their car well

car love

A car nut would rather get inconvenienced than harm his car. So from idling the car for sometime before starting off to not putting on the AC immediately after starting the car however hot the day be, the car is always the first priority. Everything needs to be well looked after. A true car nut will give equal importance to both the mechanical aspect as well as the visual aspect of the car. The car should not only look good, but drive, ride & feel good too.

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