Ten reasons why Dhoni’s a total BADASS biker

There is no denying that Dhoni is hugely into bikes. He has a large number of bikes, which he actually rides, unlike most people. Now that he has given up captaincy, Dhoni may just find more time to spend with his two wheeled beauties.

Reason 1: He cleans his bikes

Ten reasons why Dhoni’s a total BADASS biker

When you are as rich as Dhoni is, you can hire enough people to make sure all bikes stay spic and span. However, it is only a true enthusiast who would actually get down and dirty and clean their own vehicle.

To us enthusiasts, it isn’t just a chore but more of bonding time that you share with your ride. Dhoni has been seen cleaning and polishing his rides quite often, a picture of the same was even shared by his wife sometime back.

Reason 2: He sits with his bikes when they get fixed

Ten reasons why Dhoni’s a total BADASS biker

Having a vehicle is one thing but knowing about it is another. Unless you spend time with it, working on it, you will not be able to really know your vehicle inside out. Yes, you can read up as much as you want about them theoretically, but getting hands on experience is something else. That separates the casual biker from the true biker. Dhoni can be seen sitting while his bike is getting done and also helping in the process to get it back to life quick. A true sign of an enthusiast.

Reason 3: He wants his daughter to grow up on bikes

Ten reasons why Dhoni’s a total BADASS biker
Car and bike love is something that passes on from generation to generation. If you are passionate about something, you will make an extra effort to get your kids interested in the same field. The same can be said about Dhoni too. A picture recently surfaced of Dhoni’s daughter sitting on his Hellcat and admiring it. We hope that the passion he possesses gets transfered to her too and she goes on to become a passionate biker when she grows up.

Reason 4: He loves vintages

Ten reasons why Dhoni’s a total BADASS biker

Who said that only new bikes are fun? Sometimes the charm that the older bikes have cannot be matched by the newer and more complex ones. Thus Dhoni also has an old school BSA which he rides when he wants some old school fun.

Reason 5: He tracks his bikes

Ten reasons why Dhoni’s a total BADASS biker

A lot of people have expensive bikes, however only very few of them actually use them to their full potential. You can see a lot of people trying to ride fast in traffic and on public roads. There are only a select few who would actually go to a track to enjoy riding. Dhoni has been seen at the coveted Buddh International Circuit with his Hellcat to enjoy the thrill of riding. Kudos to him to actually use the bike for what they are built for.

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