Ten signs that you need a NEW car

People in India have a frugal mindset which means they resort to techniques to prolong the life of the things they own. However if you happen to come across any of these ten signs, we’d suggest its time to change your car.

You’re bored of your car

Ten signs that you need a NEW car

This is the first and most basic thing that makes you look for a new car. A car needs to look appealing & excite you. Unless you are the sort of person who is finicky about keeping their car in good shape (polishing regularly, etc), you are going to get bored of the looks of your car in the long run when it begins to look shabby. Or maybe your car is very old now and has doesn’t have that X factor that you would want in your car.


Ten signs that you need a NEW car

In the olden days, the safety aspect was never given much importance. With the speeds on the road increasing, safety is becoming an aspect that people  consider when driving or buying a new car. So if you are looking for ABS or airbags or a car with better crumple zones, you will have to shell out money to buy a new car. These things unfortunately can’t be retrofitted to your existing car since a lot of structural changes as well as electronics need to be added to make the systems work.

Cost of repairs very high

Ten signs that you need a NEW car

This is more a head over heart decision. So your car has served you for a long time & has been a trust worthy workhorse. But now its demanding more repairs & they are proving to be expensive. When your repair bill becomes more expensive than the cost of the car itself, sadly its time to walk away from your car.

If you have had a major accident and repair costs are way too high, its time to get a new car. We would also like to say that if you have been unfortunate & your car has ended up getting damaged in the floods, we would advise you to let your car go & get a new one. Modern cars have way too many electronics on board that are very tough to diagnose & repair if something goes wrong. So even if the car is restored to the best possible conditions, problems can creep up & the solutions maybe tough to find. If found, they will be expensive to fix as well.

So if you’re facing at any sort of engine, transmission issues on old cars & electronic issues on newer ones, its a sign to get a new car.

More performance

Ten signs that you need a NEW car

Yes, there are a lot of tuners present nowadays that can bump up the power of your car to give it some added ‘oomph’, but reliability is always a concern in such cases. Having the reliability of a factory quick car is something that is unmatched. You don’t have to bother about the accelerated wear & tear or how much longer the car will last as the car has been built to withstand that amount of power.

No, we aren’t against tuners. I myself own a remapped car, but it isn’t something I drive on a daily. I also understand that it is going to cause accelerated wear & tear and that my car which may have lasted me 1 lakh kms will only last me 70-80k kms & that parts would require replacements on a more frequent basis. Driving a modified car is like an added responsibility. So if that is something you are not willing to take, then you need a new car that comes with more power.

Parts become tough to find

Ten signs that you need a NEW car

Chances are that if you have an old car, it is not going to be on sale in the market currently. Though manufacturers produce parts & keep them for 5-10 years so that they are available to customers who have the car, they may not be available off the counter. You will end up waiting days & days just to get small parts or worst still, your service center could even come back to you saying that the part isn’t available. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of importing parts or you don’t want to waste your time in salvage yards trying to find parts for your car, you will be better off getting a new car.

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