Ten things no one tells you about owning a superbike in India

Owning a superbike is something that most people think is impossible. However if you happen to look at prices, owning a superbike is much easier than owning a supercar. So for the price of a mundane sedan, you could get yourself the performance of any super or even hyper car. Having said that, there are a few things that no one tells you about owning one. Here are 10 such things:


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This is something that most people don’t get. A superbike is designed to be ridden fast and not be stuck in traffic. While in traffic, these bikes generate a lot of heat.

This is different from normal, smaller bikes since they do not generate that much heat due to their smaller engine sizes. So a super bike in Indian traffic conditions will generate a lot of heat and could even cause your thighs to get burnt.

Traffic maneuvering

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Superbikes have riding positions that are designed to give the best performance while at higher speeds. In traffic conditions, this can make them very tough to maneuver, thus making it impractical as compared to a normal bike. That is also something that needs to be kept in mind if you do intend to get one.


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Most of the superbikes run high compression engines. India is a country where there is a dearth of good fuel. Most of these bikes require 95 RON, which is a fuel rating not available India. To improvise, you will have to use 97 Octane, something that is not of offer through out the country. Using normal speed causes some amount of knocking. You will have to rely on octane boosters to get the best out of your bike.


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With the large amount of power the bike produces, wear and tear on the tyre is also extensive. These tyres are built to give the best grip when on the track, and hence wear out easily as well. Be prepared to get a new set of tyres once every 10,000 Kms. Finding aftermarket tyres or replacement brands is a tough task. Even if you do find what you are looking for, they are massively expensive.


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This has to do with the amount of attention the bike generates. Since a superbike stands out, it does get a lot of peoples attention. They try sitting on it to click pictures, in some cases damaging the bike. Sometimes the bike may even fall when they sit on it if they aren’t used to managing the weight of the bike. You will never be able to be peaceful if you park such a bike in a crowded area.

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