10 things NOBODY tells you about owning a supercar in India

Owning a supercar is every car enthusiast’s wet dream. However, in India, owning a supercar can be a horror story if you do not know what comes with the territory. Even if you are able to pay the exorbitant amount of tax that is needed to buy a supercar in India, there are many other difficulties that one will have to face during ownership. What are the things that no one tells you about owning a supercar in India? Let’s find out.

Unwanted attention

Even though there are a plenty of supercars in Indian now, they are still a rare sight on roads. The supercars act like a crowd-magnet and you will not be able to escape the fanboyism from fellow road users. There have been several incidents where supercar owners have got mobbed on the road by onlookers. Driving a supercar on Indian roads is all about escaping the crowds.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is a major problem even for regular cars in India. The low ground clearance of supercars can create super problems for the owners. There are many illegal speed breakers that can easily make life difficult for full-size SUVs. Such speed breakers for supercars can act like the “Great Wall of China”! It is always advisable for the supercar owners to do a recce of the road before taking their supercars on the route.


Accidents are unavoidable and, on highly unsafe Indian roads, the chances of getting involved in accidents are quite high. As none of the supercars are made in India, their spare parts are extremely difficult to source. Also, the parts like the chassis or body panels cannot be repaired once damaged and have to be replaced completely. Getting a supercar repaired in India is extremely expensive as all the parts have to be imported.


Indians prefer SUVs due to their commanding seating position that allows the driver to get a good view of the road ahead. It helps them to anticipate any sudden obstacles. However, the driver is positioned very close to the ground in supercars, and their aerodynamic design result in massive blind spots. Due to the low height, supercars are also not easily visible to the drivers of higher cars like SUVs. It makes them vulnerable to accidents.

Service costs

Even though supercars have very low mileage on the odometer, they have to be serviced at least once in a year to keep them in good condition. Even the scheduled services of supercars are expensive, and you can easily tot up a bill close to Rs. 1 lakh, at the very least. Even if you get to buy a supercar, maintaining it will cost you a lot of money.

Time of servicing

General service of regular cars can take a day or a couple of days maximum if the service centre is loaded to the brim. Supercars servicing can take days or even weeks. All the spare parts of the supercars are imported and are rarely stocked by service centres in India. Even regular parts like brake pads, headlamp bulbs or even air filters can take days after placing the order.

Super expensive tyres

Supercars use special soft compound tyres for maximum grip. The high-powered vehicles need super sticky tyres to propel the car safely ahead. These softer compound tyres wear out very quickly when compared to regular tyres and if you are a regular track visitor, the tyres can go bald pretty quickly. The original stock tyres of the supercars are quite expensive and finding an alternative of the same calibre is quite difficult in India. Tyres cannot be privately imported to India and you will have to go through the dealerships to get a new set, which can be very expensive.

Getting good fuel

Supercars use highly complicated engines to turn fuel into power. Using low-grade or adulterated fuel can cause the engine to conk off and seize too. All Indian fuel pumps are not known for their fuel quality. It is important for supercar owners to find reliable fuel stations where they can find high-quality fuel as well as premium fuel with a high octane number. Owning a supercar is not as easy as owning a regular car when the fuel indicator is closer to the empty mark.

Using the full power of the car

Most Indian roads are highly congested with traffic. Supercars come with high-powered engines that cannot be utilized properly on such roads. Most supercars are powered by 500+ Bhp engines but they rarely get the chance to utilise the power properly. Sadly, in India, there are very few and select race tracks that further limit the proper use of these powerful cars.

Parking the car safely

Parking a regular car for an enthusiast is a difficult task in India. People lack common sense when it comes to automobiles in India and there are a very few chances of the car not being used as a support by bystanders. For supercars, it becomes even more difficult as people love to take pictures with such cars and want to examine the vehicle up close. Many supercar owners are accompanied by their security guards who take care of the vehicle when they are gone but it may not be possible for everyone.