Terrifying landslide in Himachal causes boulder to fall onto JCB: Crew run for their lives [Video]

In the northern regions of India, an unrelenting bout of heavy rainfall has wreaked havoc, triggering landslides that have affected areas in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. The Dehradun Meteorological Centre’s ‘orange’ alert for Uttarakhand’s 13 districts underscores the severity of the situation, with heavy rain posing significant risks. Among these risks, one of the biggest ones is of landslides and most recently a heart-wrenching incident of a narrow escape by a JCB driver and his crew came forward.

A heart-stopping video from Himachal Pradesh has been making waves across social media platforms, capturing a spine-chilling moment that could have turned disastrous. The video shared on X (Twitter) by Weatherman Shubham, depicts a JCB machine operator and a group of dedicated laborers barely escaping a perilous situation. This nail-biting incident occurred in Mandi on the 17th of July, as relentless rainfall triggered a cascade of boulders from a hillside. The JCB operator and the laborers were engaged in the task of widening a road at the 6 Mile mark, in response to recent rain-related catastrophe.

The Chandigarh-Manali highway has not been spared from nature’s fury, facing a blockade between the Mandi and Kullu regions due to a colossal landslide that struck the Mandi district. While the National Highways Authority of India swiftly restored traffic access, the road’s width remained constricted at the 6 Mile juncture. The unfortunate landslide occurred during the road expansion process, with the authority’s team and machinery striving to enhance accessibility.

Terrifying landslide in Himachal causes boulder to fall onto JCB: Crew run for their lives [Video]

Remarkably, no casualties were reported in the aftermath of this terrifying landslide event. Restoration efforts are currently underway and are anticipated to conclude by late evening. Nevertheless, the situation remains precarious as incessant rainfall perpetuates flash floods and landslides that exact a heavy toll on national highways, bridges, and local settlements throughout Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district has borne the brunt of the rainfall-triggered landslide’s aftermath, resulting in the temporary closure of the Badrinath National Highway. Additionally, Yamunotri Highway number 123 faced blockage near Chami village in the Garhwal District. The National Disaster Response Force has been at the forefront of rescue operations, extending aid to flood-affected areas across Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and Delhi. The combined impact of floods, incessant rainfall, and landslides necessitates swift and concerted action.

Turning to recent developments, two separate incidents just a few days ago underscored the challenges of navigating the rapidly developing infrastructure in the young Himalayan range. The perils posed by landslides, a common phenomenon in this region, were starkly captured in these incidents.

The first incident involved a Tata Nexon, ensnared in the midst of a landslide as it endeavored to traverse a hazard-prone zone. This heart-stopping moment was captured by a vigilant motorist who had wisely stopped at a safe distance. However, the occupants of the Nexon seemed to underestimate the imminent danger. As the force of the landslide destabilized the Nexon, the Mahindra truck trailing behind swiftly reversed to avert the impending catastrophe. Passengers in the Nexon managed to exit the vehicle just in time, with one occupant even leaping from the rear seat to safety. Although the Nexon was engulfed and ultimately plunged into a ravine, the fortunate absence of occupants prevented any injuries.

The second incident, which occurred recently in Dimapur, Nagaland, further highlighted the vulnerability of vehicles in the face of natural forces. In this case, a group of cars had come to a halt on a highway for reasons yet unclear. However, dashcam footage soon revealed the terrifying sight of rocks descending, heralding the arrival of a colossal boulder. This massive projectile collided with a Tata Harrier, causing significant damage to its rear. While less dramatic in terms of passenger escape compared to the Nexon incident, it serves as another grim reminder of the unpredictable hazards faced on these mountainous roads.

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