Electric cars can be recharged in just 15 mins: Tesla

A question that comes up when someone talks of an electric vehicle is the range and the time it takes to recharge the batteries. Tesla came up with new electric cars with better range than before and solved the range problem. The next question is the time it takes to recharge. Generally electric vehicles take a maximum of 7-8 hours to fully charge batteries, but Tesla might bring a solution for that as well.

Electric cars can be recharged in just 15 mins: Tesla

Tesla Inc. is now working on updating its charging network to reduce the charging wait time by half. Tesla plans to do this by doubling the power at Tesla power stations and preheating the batteries ahead of arriving at a plug-in point. If this gets implemented then the charging time on electric vehicle will reduce to 15 mins. That means 15 minutes is what it will take you to fully charge your electric car.

Tesla calls this new charging network as the V3 supercharging network. The V3 supercharging is likely to rollout by the end of this year. This technology will also help charge twice as many cars everyday from the charging stations. Tesla says that its new supercharging network will deliver 250 kilowatts instead of 120 kilowatts. Tesla has taken such a decision at a time when its Model 3 fleets are growing and challengers like Porsche are readying their own charging infrastructure.

Tesla will debut its first V3 supercharging network next month in North America. After North America the technology will reach European countries and Asia-Pacific region in the fourth quarter. In another move a consortium of Volkswagen Auto Group, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, BMW Auto Group will have a total 400 charging stations installed across major highways with 350 Kilowatt capacity by the middle of next year.

Not just in Europe, here in India also things are changing for electric vehicles. Government is promoting the use of electric vehicles and is coming up with subsidies for people who plan to buy electric vehicles. Government has also plans to develop the EV charging infrastructure in the country and has made a proposal that asks to install charging station every 25 kilometers on highways and roads across the country.

The Indian government has also come up with FAME-2, a subsidy that’s meant to make electric car adoption much faster. FAME-2, which expands into faster adoption and manufacture of electric vehicles, has set aside Rs 10,000 crores as subsidy to electric vehicles built and sold in India. Going forward, expect a big boost in the electric vehicle space in India.