Tesla Cybertruck pick-up truck launched: QUICKER than the Lamborghini URUS

Tesla, the brand which is known for its innovations and futuristic technology has launched a brand-new vehicle in the USA market. This is Tesla’s first-ever pick-up truck and it is christened as Cybertruck. After the vehicle was caught testing, a lot of hype was built around it and it has been finally revealed by the American electric car manufacturer. The truck has been launched in the USA at a price of $30,000 that translates roughly to INR 25 lakhs.

Looking at the truck itself, it brings out the unconventional design that only incorporates straight lines and creases all over the body. There are no circular or smooth flowing lines on the body of the Cybertruck. In fact, even the wheel arches of the truck are angular in shape. Even the interior of the truck continues to follow the same design philosophy and it gets straight design lines all over. At the front, the Cybertruck gets an edge-to-edge lightbar that functions as headlamps, fog lamps and the turn indicators. Even the rear of the vehicle gets a lightbar for the tail lamps and turn indicators.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Pickup Truck Front 3 4 View With Off Road Lights And Headlights Illuminated

The body of this futuristic truck is made out of 30X cold-rolled steel that is extremely sturdy. Elon Musk during the launch event said that this is the same material that Tesla will use in their future spaceships. Well, to demonstrate the strength of the body, a sledgehammer was used to beat the door panel of the truck and not a single dent or scratch appeared on the panel. Also, Tesla claims that it can stop a 9mm bullet shot. The windshields are made of Tesla armour glass and are much sturdier than the regular automotive windshields. The body also acts as an exoskeleton.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Pickup Truck Profile View 2

The vehicle rides on an adaptive air suspension system that can be raised completely to get a massive 406.5mm of ground clearance. On the highways, it can be lowered to get the best grip out of the tarmac at faster speeds.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Pickup Truck Interior Front And Rear Seats

The vehicle is available in three different motors and trims. The base version of the Tesla Cybertruck gets a single electric motor that powers the rear wheels of the truck. It has a range of 250 miles while there is a dual-motor AWD version that 300 miles range. The most expensive and most powerful is the Tri-motor version of the Cybertruck that does 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds! For reference, the Lamborghini Urus can do the same in 2.93 seconds. To show the immense power, Elon Musk demonstrated a video that shows tug-of-war between Ford F150 and the Tesla Cybertruck. The Cybertruck can be seen dominating the challenge!

The most powerful version of the truck can tow 6,350 kg and has a flatbed length of 6.5 feet! It also gets autopilot mode as standard. The approach angle of the vehicle is 35 degrees while the departure angle is set at 28 degrees.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Pickup Truck Front 3 4 View In Hanger

Tesla has started taking the bookings for the Cybertruck officially and the deliveries are expected to start in 2021. The production of the truck will start in the second half of 2021. The tri-motor variant will be launched in 2022.